Read That Book Too Much For Kiddo? Act It Out!

We read a LOT around here – many books that we read many, many times each.

In fact, I think I have the first 25 pages of The Cat In The Hat memorized (granted, I also once memorized the first 100 digits of pi, so maybe I’m just weird). I certainly can recite What Was I Afraid Of? and Madeline, both in English and French.

In fact, both my husband and I know all of Toddler’s (and now Baby’s) books most of the way through, plus maybe 100 or so she’s borrowed from the library.

How to keep the experience fresh – and maintain our sanity? Act out the books instead!!!

My husband came up with this idea – as a joke – one night at dinner when Toddler pointed at him and said, “You be Papa Bear and say, “Oh no, we’re out of Sweetsie Cola – better get some the next time we’re at the supermarket.'” Then she pointed to me and said, “And you be Mama Bear and say, ‘Our Sweetsie Cola days are over. We’re going to get back to eating healthy, nourishing food instead.'” Then she pointed to herself and sister and said, “I’ll be Sister Bear and she’ll be Brother Bear.”

Anyone recognize The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food?! Winner!!!!

We literally spent the next five minutes acting out the book … okay, we were just acting out the same scene because Toddler loves it so much (it’s where Papa Bear rips his pants because he ate too many sweets and goodies). Then we moved on to imitate Angelina Ballerina …

… “I’ll be Angelina, and dad you’ll be Miss Lilly because you can do the Dacovian accent.”

I have to say, this was a welcome diversion, even if we had to do the same scene repeatedly. And even if it was in the middle of dinner.

I love books as well, and I also adore reading to them, but this was a fun break. I challenge you to try it sometime … if nothing else for a laugh! Granted, Toddler is a natural ham, but I’m sure all kids would love becoming their favorite character!!!


10 thoughts on “Read That Book Too Much For Kiddo? Act It Out!

  1. Oh what a wonderful idea!! Books are the greatest,and I’d like to say you never have enough….I may be stretching the boundaries on that one. Having said that, I’d rather look at the old books in an antique store than the antiques, and that’s saying something. I’d rather read than almost anything else, maybe jewelry, but I feel at wits end without a book in my hand at many points throughout the day. Oh what wonders! And the thought of acting them out is so creative and fun!! Brilliant!!!!

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  2. Must have been quite an amusing experience! What a great way to keep the books fun (because, lets face it, when you’ve read the same book so many times everyone in the house knows it by heart, it kind of looses its charm). Sometimes, when I’ve read a book to often, I’ll ask Charles or Amélie to “read” it instead. It makes for some very interesting interpretations of the story!

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    • They really do start to lose their charm, right? I don’t get why my kid wants to read the same book 2-3 times in a row, either (literally back to back). And I love books!
      I love the idea to have the kids “read” it! I wish my oldest would do that – she just stops and asks me what it says…. Sigh….

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  3. That’s a great idea. LOL, I thought we had a lot of books! We pepper our conversations with one-liners from books. When I fly alone with Noah, I usually end up quoting books to him to keep him calm during takeoff and landing. His favorite is Bear Snores On.

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    • What a good idea to calm him! Anything familiar helps a kid, right? But I never thought of the book quotes for that – I’ll use that tip this July when we do a 3-hr flight with two! 🙂
      We do have a lot of one-liners we use as well .. it used to be Seinfeld that we quoted 95% of the time … and now it’s children’s books … sign of the times!

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