Toddler Talk Tuesday: Imitating Parents

As our 3.5yo gets older, I see her imitating us more and more. Naturally, she wants to do what her parents do since we are the coolest people on the planet.

(Well, we’ll hold that status in her mind for another few years at least.)

Between acting out scenes from Sofia the First and tap dancing like Ginger Rogers (no joke), Toddler likes to parrot what we do and say … for better or worse:


Husband, during cleanup before bedtime: “Okay, time to put that away and come upstairs.”

Toddler: “No, not yet! I’m busy!”

Husband: “No, playtime is over. Please put it away now.”

Toddler: “I’m busily working. I’m working on my counting. This is my computer.”

Uh…. First, yes that’s an abacus. But ten points to Toddler for recognizing that as the first “computer.” Second, I swear we don’t use those words to her or put her needs behind working on our computer. However, I do notice we have our computers on the table at some mealtimes (to play Pandora or sometimes I check email at breakfast, tsk tsk). Her words here show us we need to stop that! However, she does understand the modern mode of working … the ever-present computer. (Does anyone even remember a desk without a computer??)

And the second nugget for today is something she said to her grandma while literally shoving a water bottle into her hands:

Toddler: “You should drink some water; you’re probably thirsty.”

Hmm, how many times has that phrase come out of my mouth?!

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