Spring Bucket List!

Did you know it became spring on Monday? Yeah! Apparently spring comes with a foot of snow. I was looking for my bulbs to pop out and the robins to tweet in the morning. Who knew I should’ve been looking for semi-melted snowmen and icicles?

No wonder I’m a little late with the whole spring feeling. But better late than never, right?

Well, I saw a great spring bucket list on Spruce and Gold last night that really inspired me to create my own … with a little humor thrown in. (Keepin’ it real here!) Hop by her lovely site to check out her great ideas!


What do you think – realistic? What’s on your spring bucket list?



12 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List!

  1. I love “avoid getting sick”! Ha! I really need to clean my windows and start my seeds so that we’ll be able to transplant them in our garden once it gets warm enough. I’m also looking forward to running outside more regularly! On the bright side the, insane amount of snow we got last week is melting nicely so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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    • Yeah, if I get one more cold I might just blow up (literally – there will be snot on the ceiling …). Too much!!

      Ooh, clean the windows, good one…. Yes, spring really will come, it really will! We just have to be extra patient this year. 😦


  2. We avoided being sick all winter (starting after Thanksgiving, anyway) so we will more than likely get something this spring. :/
    I love bucket lists, especially funny ones!

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