Sweet Memories Friday: A Letter Between Sisters on Sharing

Dear Little Sister,

Hi little Seeker! You’re so puffy! I love your little puffy cheekies! Puff, puff. I just puffed your cheeks.

Okay, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about sharing. You know, taking turns and playing with the same toys? Mom is always saying things like, “You need to share that with your little sister, please,” and, “You can take a turn when she’s done with it, okay?” and “We don’t take toys out of each other’s hands.” I don’t think you understand everything she says yet, so I thought I’d translate. 

This whole taking turns thing is a bit hard to understand – I admit that I still have trouble getting what exactly mom and dad are saying about it – but I’ll try to make it easy on you. You can watch me take my turn with a toy for a few minutes (hands off in the meantime!), and then I’ll put it down; I’ll want to play with something else by then anyway. I’ll try to hand you a bunch of toys I don’t even want to play with, too. That’ll keep you from grabbing my things. 

Well, I know you came along after me and didn’t get a lot of new things like I did, so I promise to share everything with you – all my toys and books and games and puzzles and craft things. Except my Sofia doll that I really love. And my special Mr. Owl. And my ballerina Barbie. And my Frozen suction cups. And my reusable sticker scene set. And my kangaroos. And my colored pencils. And my stamps. Anything else you can play with, though.

WP_20161219_13_46_52_Pro (2)

Whenever you get too close to those things – or the setup I’m working on right now or just finished ten hours ago – I’ll yell “that’s mine!” so you don’t get confused. Also, I’m teaching you a really handy word (mom says I’m supposed to teach you things and that you always want to imitate me anyway). That way you can learn to tell other people what’s YOURS and not MINE.

 Oh – but don’t put your mouth on my water bottle, too. I don’t want your germs – they’re ucko.

Speaking of germs, I will share my cold germs with you. You’re going to catch all my colds and flus eventually anyway (I heard mom tell people it’s inevitable), so I’ll just sneeze on you right away to make sure we both are sick at the same time and get it over with. 

I’ll share all my best ideas for how to eat and drink. I’ll let you know when something’s gross; just look over at me during meals … if I’m refusing to eat it, just follow my lead. See? I’m sharing all the best secrets to world knowledge! For example, mango is not good. Just push it around your tray the next time mom tries to feed it to you.

Apparently part of sharing is making sure you don’t get near certain things – small things. I’ll point out everything that’s too small for you to play with, in case you want to put it in your mouth and accidentally swallow it. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll include some bigger things too (basically I’ll just tell mom that whatever’s in my hand is too small for you – that’ll cover all the bases) in case you take a bite out of something. You never know how soft plastic can be. And don’t touch my stickers – that’s not food, you know. You’re welcome – that’s another tip.

I have a ton of books to read with you, and to share them I’ll turn all your pages and ask mom a bunch of questions about the book so you don’t have to. And you’ll learn to flip through the book slower. You’re so lucky to have a great big sister like me!

I think that’s it for now. If I figure out any other great ways to share and take turns with you, I’ll make sure and yell a bit to get my point across. That always seems effective.

I love you!

Your Big Sister

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