How A Toddler Wakes Up Parents

How do you wake up in the morning?

I’m guessing that your eyes open and you shift a bit in your bed, maybe stretch a little, and then – silently – let your consciousness become alert. Then you probably sit up, maybe drink a glass of water, and head to the bathroom or to the kitchen to turn on the coffeemaker.

I.e., very calm, quiet, and chill.

How do children wake up? Not like this!

Let me me list a few of the more funny (“funny”) ways my children say “good morning!”

P.S. As every parent knows, this is our alarm clock, at least on the weekend. So this is how they wake up and therefore how we wake up, too.

  • 5a916255bfbc9c48d5ae55c873d79e38Recently Toddler woke up BELTING out, rather off-key, Let It Go. Even damped by the monitor, this was very loud. We’re pretty sure she went directly from dead asleep to this 120dB concert. No, I will not be setting Let It Go as my alarm ring tone anytime soon. F— you, Elsa!
  •  Crying/shrieking. Inevitable from children, I know. But Toddler does this when she wakes up with a wet diaper (it’s very rare now … we’re almost in underwear at night!). She’s upset with herself and she lets us know it! Still, I hope for her rational side to take over so she’ll just wake up and say calmly, “Huh, I peed my diaper. Oh well. I guess I’ll just try tomorrow for a dry one. Time to change!” (Pipe dream)
  • Baby alternates between adorable cooing and fervent crying in the morning. Occasional she’ll just lay there saying, “Day-dle day-dle day-dle day-dle … a-ladlelelelelelel … day-dle day-dle!” I imagine her calmly daydreaming while providing her own background music. This is an ideal wake-up for us!
  • About a year ago my husband was home sick from work and napping on the couch. Toddler came into the living room (after I told her to be quiet for daddy) and walked right in front of the couch. Before I could stop her, she put her face 3 inches from his and half-shouted, “Mickey-ah!” Ten points to him for not jumping off the couch, but he was startled! And annoyed….
  • “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!” Enough said.

Am I looking forward to adding to this list as the girls get older? Masochistically, maybe a little. I’d much rather wake up to my own blissful silence, but I guess this is at least entertainment. I guess….

How do your kids wake up? Or are you full-on adult and wake up to an actual alarm clock 7 days a week? (I have definitely not achieved that pro-status yet!)


20 thoughts on “How A Toddler Wakes Up Parents

  1. I get the “Mommaaaaaa… Mommaaaaaa… Mommaaaaaa…” from my baby-gate contained two year old. Max volume, infinite repeats. I yell back, “IN A MINUTE” several times and he ignores it. I eventually ooze out of bed with a bad attitude. It’s what we do.

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    • Oh man! That is hilarious and also unfortunate – why can’t he just say “mama!” once and then patiently wait for you?! Sigh… I totally hear you about oozing out of bed with a bad attitude – me too! I would so rather sleep in just a bit. An extra half hour would do wonders!!!


  2. My son is my alarm clock has been since day one. Every morning even if there’s no sun out like in the dead of winter or rainy nasty day, he’ll wake me up saying “mommy it’s sunny outside get out of bed” look at my phone 7am seriously kid there’s no sun out go back to sleep or snuggle with mommy!

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  3. Brainiacal’s first complete sentence was, “MAMA DADA NO MORE BED!”

    I wake up to an alarm, then I have to drag myself out of bed and go wake up Unpredictable, who requires a flow chart in order to do her morning routine without, say, putting her clothes on over her pajamas because she forgot to take her pajamas off, or peeing through her clothes because she forgot to go to the bathroom before getting dressed. Usually I just have to call her name loudly and make sure she gets her blanket off, then I say “Follow your flowchart” and she’s good.

    Brainiacal wakes up to an alarm clock, but on occasion (like on the Monday after spring break…) I have to go in there and check to make sure it really did get set the night before.

    Once they’re old enough to operate the television set and the cereal box, they start to leave you alone. This morning we had our door locked (for a good reason) and Unpredictable TRIED to break it down, but gave up quickly and didn’t bother us again.

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  4. Funny that you should write this. I was awoken by a very loud approximation of “Let it Go: or “Leh lego” as it sounds when my daughter says it this morning. Sometimes, my “alarm clock” is my daughter kicking the wall next to her bed. Most days, it’s the baby alternating between chatting and whining in his crib.

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    • Ha! I mean, I’m so sorry for you.. 😦 But how funny that she should wake up singing that also?! I swear there is something about Frozen that makes kids almost addicted to it. I can’t stand the songs anymore….

      Chatting and whining isn’t too bad, right? I mean, better than crying!!


  5. I think I am probably the luckiest parent in the world because my kid wakes up super late every morning (bragging? Maybe a little). I’m pretty sure he blackout shades in his room help. His waking up noises are either a single screech or laughing. I swear he’s telling his bear jokes and cracks himself up.

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  6. Lucky indeed!! And he goes to sleep early as well? Oh yeah – blackout shades are key. We have them in both kids’ rooms, and they do help.
    Laughing? That’s adorable!! He must have a beary happy disposition. 🙂


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