Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Marriage and Holiday Inn

I think my 3.5yo is basically an old woman trapped in 39.5 inches of height. She enjoys watching YouTube videos of Fred Astaire (who wouldn’t, you ask) and snuggling with me on the couch to watch Holiday Inn.


Folks, Holiday Inn was filmed in 1942. Yes, 75 years ago. In black and white. And my daughter loves it.

(That’s okay with me, because it’s one of my favorites. Obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.)

After we watched it, her conversations were peppered generously with “Fred Astaire” this and “Linda Mason” that. She kept asking me amusing questions such as, “Why couldn’t Fred Astaire dance well after he drank so much?” and “Who was the other woman in the car with Linda Mason?” and “Why was Jim playing tricks to get Linda Mason back?” Obsess much?

I actually liked that she tried so hard to understand why Fred Astaire’s and Bing Crosby’s characters were fighting for Linda Mason. She really was following the plot!

Then one night at dinner we all had the following conversation (look out for the swamp monster’s appearance, thanks to an amusing Sofia the First episode). No, she doesn’t quite get the concept of monogamous marriage yet, apparently.

Toddler: “You can’t marry again, dad, because you’re already married to mom.”

Husband: “Yeah, I am. That’s good.”

Toddler: “And I’m gonna marry the swamp monster-”

Husband: “-Oh?”

Toddler: “And you’re going to marry, um … um, ummm … Linda Mason.”

Husband: “Linda Mason?!”

Toddler: “Yeah.”

Husband: “Where will I meet her?”

Toddler: “Here!”

Me [acting offended]: “She’s already here? Where’s she been sleeping?”

Toddler: “Here. She’s not, um, sleeping at the Inn.”


I think Linda Mason is about to sleep at the Inn here, kiddo. Sorry!

Maybe this is extra amusing to me because she’s my kid and we watched this together (and I probably know every line in the movie … just ask my husband, who endured one viewing of it under much duress, how much I quote it!). But I love her imagination and grasp of the movie!

7 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Marriage and Holiday Inn

  1. I cannot tell you how happy this blog makes me! And the Linda Mason bits are hilarious!!! See how good movies span the decades?? Hear me ol’ son-in-law??? Just saying….

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