Do I Crush Her Dreams Or Just Let It Happen?

(NO, I am really not that cruel!)

But boy oh boy, the thought really occurred to me a few days ago when Toddler stopped dancing (she literally lives the day in her ballet slippers and tights if she’s not in school that day). She leaned gently on a chair and went up en pointe, telling me in an elevated (haha) voice, “Mom! Mom! I’m en pointe!

Yes, my daughter is slightly obsessed with ballet: 

  • ballet slippers are her normal foot covering
  • books on ballet to read
  • we listen to the entire Nutcracker Suite every day – and have since mid-December!
  • she dances every chance she gets
  • she has never taken a formal ballet class, yet somehow knows an arabesque, piqué, tendu, relévé, en pointe, plié, sauté, grand jeté, coupé, passé, port de bras, and all five positions of the feet
  • owns several tutus and wears them mostly to look like a ballerina
  • owns a spectacular ballet costume courtesy of grandma (used, $12!!)


Yes, it’s probably time to put her in ballet classes soon – maybe when she’s four. Yes, perhaps we’re feeding the obsession.

But she loves it!

So much so that she wants to be a ballerina someday. Professionally. For a career.


Well, here’s that photo of her on her toes…..


You know what, though? Her toe point – like her mama’s – sucks! It’s not even 180 degrees. Basically, just like me, she will never be able to wear pointe shoes.

So … no professional ballerina here. Womp, womp.

How sad is that? Her dream is literally unattainable because she doesn’t have the right feet. Sorry, baby girl – genetics is a cruel bitch (just wait til you inherit my rear end … again, really sorry).

So do I crush her dreams right now and tell her she better start working on another career path? Tempting, but no. I’ll let her enjoy her carefree dancing life. Maybe she’ll dance as a fun hobby like mommy used to when she was a little girl.

Keep on dreaming, kiddo!

22 thoughts on “Do I Crush Her Dreams Or Just Let It Happen?

  1. She looks so cute in that costume. It’s beautiful that she knows exactly want she wants and loves at such a young age. She should definitely go to ballet classes, she will be so so happy. If she can’t do it professionally, which she will find out eventually, at least she had loads of fun! xx

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    • Oh absolutely! I loved ballet as a kid – still do – and I’ll put her in classes when she turns 4 or so. Who knows where it’ll take her, but all I know now is she doesn’t have the dream toe point. Sigh…. But she can still go pretty far!

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    • Oh yes, totally! I’ll start her in classes in 6m-1y I think. She is big on acting out things and has a big imagination, so she might do theatre. Some of my friends actually said they can see her doing drama in school! So we’ll see. She definitely loves performing for us!!!

      I love the costume designer idea. She just might – she loves taking dish towels and blankets and making them into dresses. Big imagination. 🙂

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    • Thanks! It really is beautiful, right? What a find from my mom! Yes, I’ll let her dream for sure. Love the superhero dream!! He could always be a firefighter or doctor or psychologist or policeman – that’s a superhero, right?! 🙂 Heck, anyone who helps someone else is a hero. I’m sure he’ll learn that soon!

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  2. Lol, I love that you said “womp, womp” ! Little ballerinas are so cute. Maggie loved ballet when she was young (5) but when I signed her up for a class, she didn’t like it (too free spirited, I guess!) and we dropped it after about a month. She did enjoy gymnastics, though! 🙂
    By the way, LOVE that costume! 😍

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    • Awww… well, at least she found what she loved!!! I did gymnastics after 3y of ballet and went much farther in it; it’s definitely a sport for the more energetic, and yes, more free spirited!
      Thanks – what a find, right?! You never know what you’ll find in a second hand store….


  3. So cute that she has her own thing! It’s awesome to watch them develop their own interests and passions. If my daughter is anything like me, she won’t be a dancer. I did ballet for a year and was the awkward, clumsy one that was stuck in the back 😀

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    • She does look adorable, right? I can’t believe she went on full pointe! But from the side… 😦 I did a few months of pointe when I was younger, and finally had to give up because I had bad feet. Sigh. But it was fun while it lasted!!!!

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