Sweet Memories Friday: The Making of a Nerd

Once there was a little girl who chose to show her new friends Dial M for Murder as the movie to watch at a super-cool 17th birthday party.

Yes, that movie – a Hitchcock, and not even a really good Hitchcock (obviously, I like his movies, especially Rear Window, The Birds, The Man Who Knew Too Much…). Made in 1954, about 58 years before my birthday. Very hip, eh?

(It was not the coolest party by far … and I think only two other girls besides me were mildly interested in it. The other guests wandered off to play a board game. PARTY FAIL!)

The nerd in me is strong, even when I try to hide it. (Maybe that’s why I enjoy reading other blogs by moms who are unabashedly similar, such as the hilarious Dorky Mom Doodles – check it out!) And now I see …

… my little girl might be turning out the same way? How do I know?

I was thinking last night about what tastes my 3.5yo daughter is developing. Like most little girls, she prefers her world in shades of pink and purple. She loves dancing and drawing rainbows. She likes clodding around the house in “fancy” play jewelry and dress-up heels.


Secondary footwear (after ballet slippers, but more fancy)

She also likes watching some of the classics: Holiday Inn, Yellow Submarine, The Wizard of Oz … watching Fred Astaire dance on YouTube … listening to The Beatles and various movie scores (thanks, Pandora).

I kind of always wished I was cool, I guess. (Don’t we all? Or does anyone truly not care, even in high school?) As I’ve aged, I’ve succumbed to the reality of my personality. I am a down-to-earth, practical person who likes a wide range of things, from Star Wars to Star Trek to race cars to reading quietly. Judging by my daughter’s early interests, she might nudge toward the nerd side as well.

Luckily I don’t think my daughter even knows what being cool means yet – literally or socially implied. It’s probably for the better, as the not-so-cool kids get to stand back in relative obscurity until they’re ready to shine later in life. I’m okay with that being me, and her, and her little sister, too.

So bring on the dorkiness, kiddo. Keep discovering what you like and don’t like. Even if it’s labeled as nerdy or geeky (for they do indeed have unique definitions), enjoy what you’re doing. Be true to yourself as you smile at Fred Astaire, even though he was born well over 75 years before you were.

Maybe one day we’ll watch William Shatner together – and all the better. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching you figure this all out.

How early have you seen your kids’ personalities form?


4 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: The Making of a Nerd

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    Dorks/nerds rule! I’m terrible at the girly stuff, so my little one isn’t getting much influence in that regard. She does, however, know every major Star Wars character and walks around humming the Imperial March. And Batman and Spiderman are her primary “babies.” I’m cool with that 😉

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