How to Win 3-15 Minutes of Peace and Quiet

I love my Toddler, but some things she does make me want to claw the stuffing out of one of her stuffed animals. What’s tops, most days?

The way she takes 5 times the typical required time to use the bathroom. Seriously, I understand the glacial pace of a toddler, but 8 minutes just to pee and wash your hands is ridiculous! (Not to mention a waste of waterย when she runs the water over her hands for three minutes.) 75% of that time is spent post-toilet just talking to herself in the mirror.

I just want to get going, kid! Either we need to get out the door or I just want to get back to doing our coloring/activity/etc. Stop wasting time!

But … wait! There’s a very silvery lining, mama….

Some days those 8 minutes can be a real blessing. And if it’s a poop – well, those 8 minutes just turned into 18.

18 blissful minutes of solitude I can enjoy. Sure, she might be singing a lovely mashup of her Disney favorites at Toddler decibel level, but I can tune that out. By the end of a long day, I have some time to recharge my mom batteries. This is free time!

Or, you know, time to prep dinner, or dash upstairs to make a quick pee of my own, or feed Baby her milk, or make that phone call I just keep waiting to make. Or spend some time playing alone with Baby (rare these days!).

You know, “me time.”

See, I thought that time she spends in the bathroom was wasteful. Unnecessary. Nope – turns out it’s a very useful and helpful – and now sometimes very necessary – part of my day. (Even my husband has used this “break” a few times.) Do I feel guilty?

Not one bit.

(Okay, maybe 5%. Would you?)


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