Toddler Talk Tuesdays: What a Stinker!

It seems like mealtime is a gold mine for amusing toddler quotes. Not sure if it’s the food inspiration or just an opportunity for her to ramble or just ham it up because she knows she has her audience cornered. About 75% of our recorded quotes (in a text file on my husband’s laptop) originated from the kitchen table.

This happened on Sunday at lunchtime. Thanks, kid.

Toddler [as I bring my lunch plate to the table]: “Whoooo!!! It’s a STINKER!! Who tooted?!”

[My husband and I laughed very hard.]

Me: “That’s my lunch! It’s the smell of hard-boiled eggs!”

There are many lessons to learn about food, my child: don’t drink orange juice after brushing your teeth, don’t wipe your eyes after cutting onions, and hard-boiled eggs smell like gas. Critical life learning, yes.

A few minutes later as we unpeeled her string cheese, she had us in stitches again.

Toddler: “It looks like poop! Like white poop!”

Husband: “Do you ever have white poop?:

Toddler: “Yes…” (Said like, “Duh, of course I do.”)

Me: “Uh oh. You better tell us if you do.”

Toddler: “I’m pooping out white chocolate chips!”

As usual, my 3.5yo’s favorite ways to make us laugh involve poop and toots!!


8 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: What a Stinker!

  1. Hahaha, she’s a hoot! Kids and gas and poop, I swear. Little Man has taken to telling me, “You might wanna hold on, Mom, I just let out a big one” the last couple of days. Thanks for the warning, I guess?

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