Is Life Just a Peanuts Cartoon to Our Kids?

Does anyone else try to listen to how you speak to your kids from an external perspective? Specifically, do you try to figure out how much they understand of what you say?

It occurs to me from time to time how much new vocabulary I throw at my toddler. As a hobby writer, I take pride in my word choices and am interested in using varied and specific language. I don’t tend to tailor my language selection for my toddler, either: if I want to say, “it’s hard to discriminate between the two,” I say just that. I don’t say, “it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.” I just define the new word (“discriminate”) for her and move on.

Often she soon uses the word herself, such as when she learned “problematic.” *heart swelling!* Yes, her vocabulary is quite large for her age, and it’s often the first thing people notice about her … once she puts away the shyness and starts talking.

Yet I can’t help but wonder … am I making her life sound kind of like a Peanuts cartoon?

For those unfamiliar, the adults in the Peanuts cartoon do not speak words. They only make a vague “wah wah” sound:

You gotta love that!

What I imagine Toddler hearing most days from me are things like this: “We need to wait for the seeds toย wah wah. That means the first little leaves and stalk will pop out of the seed.”

You would’ve heard, “We need to wait for the seeds to germinate.”

Try this for a fun game: count how many times during the day your child/children hear “wah wah” from you (i.e., learn a new word – assuming you tell them what it means). (Seriously – let’s try it and comment below what you counted to!)

The more, the better!

It’s not a bad thing for your kids to hear “wah wah” … au contraire! You’re growing their brains! And let’s be honest: with our babies and toddlers, they’re learning so fast and so constantly that they’ll be hearingย wah wah all day long.

And in the meantime, it’s quite entertaining to imagine how life sounds like from their perspective….


12 thoughts on “Is Life Just a Peanuts Cartoon to Our Kids?

  1. LOL, my husband talks over Samuel’s head/understanding all the time and I can just hear the “wah, wah” he must hear!
    I do both, I think. I use a pretty big vocabulary with him (based on his! we are always getting comments on how much older he sounds) but I also make sure he’s understanding things. This post made me laugh, so thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Haha! Sometimes we don’t use the wah wah words consciously and when we said it out loud, we realised we have to try to explain what they mean. And it could be excruciating to explain it simply!
    But I have to admit it’s pretty cool when they also start using it unconsciously and then it hits you with…whaaa…t?๐Ÿ˜„ Also includes the “oh shit” words…oops๐Ÿ˜œ. Kids are sponges!

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    • Yes! Explaining it can definitely be tough – but it’s also fun for me (bc I’m a nerd???) because it makes my brain work harder to define something.
      Oh man … a few days ago I told my baby to “zip it” and now my toddler keeps saying it – despite me telling her that mommy said a bad phrase and not to repeat it! Ugh… I can’t imagine what will happen when I accidentally swear in front of her. Have you yet????

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      • LOL. “Zip it” isn’t so bad in my opinion…could be worse. :p I’m quite foul-mouth (oops!) but in when in front of the kids, I am very conscious of the swearing I use. Accidentally swear? Plenty! lol. There have been times when the rough ones (f**king whatever/ f*** Off) slipped out and I had to recover from it and apologise. Well…shit happens. :p

        My daughter now is using “Not gonna happen” A LOT these days. That is just urgggghhhh! :/

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        • Oh gosh! The f bombs… ooh, I’m fearing the moment I let that slip… I’ve said shit plenty of times when I drop things or spill things, but the kids are in the other room. I am foul-mouthed as well, I admit it… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

          Not gonna happen …. that’s hilarious!! I mean, it’s not what you want her to say, but wow … they just pick up all our phrases, right?!

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          • Oh God, nooo…my husband flips whenever he hears her say that. She also picks up stuff from school and daycare which I’m not too pleased about. Granted we don’t swear a lot in front of them, and because those words she picks out in school/daycare is in Dutch, I cannot always catch it as I don’t understand the language yet.

            The thing is, even if you are not the one letting it slip, there’s a chance she’ll pick it somewhere else. It’s inevitable… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  3. Haha at the Charlie Brown reference. We don’t filter our language, either, and they both have great vocabularies for their age.

    Last night the 9-year-old went on a rant about societal expectations of women and how he can’t believe that the most advanced species on this planet can be so dumb.

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