Sweet Memories Friday: Little Baby Embraces

Even though this is my second daughter, a lot of the time it feels new to me. No two kids are alike, even if they’re related, but in the affection department I think my baby is much more so than my toddler was.

Both are “mama’s girls,” but Baby craves it much more – which is mostly a blessing but also a curse (because how easy is it to trim snap peas while holding a baby on your hip?!). Toddler has always loved giving hugs, and in the last few months is hugging her sister nicely as well.

(They’ve graduated slightly from head butting, or as Toddler says, “head cuddle!!!”)

But what about Baby?

When I rock Baby to calm her down, she tends to return the favor in a way – or show me how much her heart is happy for the love she’s receiving:

If she’s laying on my tummy with one cheek pressed on my chest and her right thumb in her mouth, she often caresses my arm with her free hand (sounds weird to use the word “caress,” but it’s the best I can come up with – she slowly moves her hand up and down my arm). Maybe she’s just feeling my shirt fabric or calming herself, I don’t know, but it’s a sweet gesture regardless.

If I’m cradling her in my arms, sometimes she reaches up with her bottom arm in front of her tummy and grabs a finger from my hand that’s supporting her back/tummy. It’s a security thing, I guess; whatever it is, it’s cute.

For a baby who can’t yet verbalize her affections, these tiny motions kind of mean the world to me. I could’ve had the crummiest night because she kept waking up (this post was almost a sarcastic one about teething), but when she pulls this lovey-dovey act I melt inside. Two minutes of baby love erases two hours of lost sleep to her crying.

I’m sure these little love gestures will end, and like her older sister she’ll be more interested in doing pirouettes on her own than getting hugs. So in the next year (or two?? Please??) I’ll make sure I get my fill.


The last page of one of our favorite books (and Baby’s current fave, of course), “I Love My Mommy Because….” (“I Love My Daddy Because” is also a winner!) Gorgeous animal illustrations!

Baby, I love you, too!


9 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: Little Baby Embraces

  1. You will never get enough hugs!! They don’t store well at all; I’m forever looking to get more. You do have an especially cuddly baby and I can see how much this feeds your soul.

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  2. Nothing sweeter than that baby love ❤️My son has always been a cuddled and vet affectionate. The toddler, even though she likes me to hold her, isn’t a smuggler of hugger unfortunately!

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