Happy Passover and Bonus Toddler Talk!

Well, it’s been a busy weekend for us – nonstop traveling – and we are traveling again today to celebrate Passover today with family. Thank goodness we’ll be home for Easter!

In lieu of a longer post today, I’ll say Happy Passover (I’m sure there’s a Hebrew phrase for it, but I, the shiksa, don’t know it) – and happy Last Supper (because that’s what it likely was, right?) … and hey, happy early Easter while I’m at it!

And here’s a funny, quick exchange I had with Toddler at 3:16 Sunday morning in the hotel room. We had a great hotel room in downtown Baltimore with a separate bedroom – therefore, the girls could sleep in the main area (in a pack n play and small blow up bed for Toddler) while my husband and I were in the bedroom. Well, Baby woke up crying at 3:16, so I nursed her to calm her down.

Naturally, the crying woke up Toddler as well. It was completely dark, so she could only see me holding her sister on the couch.

Toddler: “Mom, why aren’t you putting her back into her crib?”

Me: “I’m just going to feed her a little first before she goes back to sleep. You go back to sleep, too, okay? I’m sorry she woke you up.”

Toddler: “She didn’t – the Wicked Witch of the West woke me up.”

Me [trying not to laugh]: “Are you actually awake?”

Toddler: “Yeah.”

Me: “Okay, close your eyes and try to sleep.”

Funny, right? You can guess we watched “The Wizard of Oz” two weeks ago!


8 thoughts on “Happy Passover and Bonus Toddler Talk!

  1. I guess she wasn’t too scared of that wicked witch! That’s funny. I just recently taught my almost-5-yr-old “ding dong the witch is dead.” And Happy Pesach!! This may be the first year we don’t have an actual Seder to host or attend. Enjoy all the spring festivities!

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