Sweet Memories Friday: I’ll Appreciate This When You’re Older …

… And want to remain ten paces from me at all times.

Seriously, that’s what a teenager wants, right? To be far from a parent and not within hugging distance, right?

That’s opposed to our current stage, which is my 14mo baby girl not wanting to be more than ten inches from me – and preferably zero inches.

So really: will there come a time in the future that my eyes will mist over at recollection of these clingy moments?

I don’t mean to sound like a mean mom, ungrateful for my darling squishy baby, or just plain bitchy … but this clinging is really getting to me. Yes, I’m well aware things come and go in phases (Toddler did the same darn thing at this age). By now I’m getting quite skilled at prepping dinner with a baby on my hip, much to my chagrin.

These last few weeks (has it been more? feels like about 23 months … oh wait, baby’s only 14m and change …) have been tiring, and it’s showing.

I am apparently the only one who can satisfy Baby. The only one who can hold her before dinner. The only one who can calm her down. The only one who can nurse her (obviously) AND feed her from a bottle (seriously?!). The only one who can hold her when the vacuum is on. The only one who can put her to sleep most nights.

And on and on.

Really, kid, I do love you – more than you will ever know. But please, give mama just an inch of space for maybe five minutes tomorrow.

My friend posted a picture on Facebook of her (adorable) baby girl, also just over one year, squatting on her outstretched legs. The caption? “You left my body 13 months ago … can you please be your own person now?!”

(She loves her daughter as much I love mine, by the way.)

When will the day be when I look back on these days and yearn for them? Will I ever? Will I remember my current state of frustration and achy shoulders?

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit down. I hope I’m not the only mom running low in the tank at this stage (I’m sure I’m not). As my toddler says, “I need some charging up!


Aside: I’m strongly considering changing my usual Friday theme from “Sweet Memories Friday” to something else – or just doing a “typical” post on this day instead. I feel this theme has run its course for me … much as I love my kids….


13 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Friday: I’ll Appreciate This When You’re Older …

  1. I.Hear.You!!! I actually got mad at my 12-monther last night for this reason (in addition to her general not-sleeping and being fired up at 9:30pm). Lately even when my almost-five-year-old comes in for a hug, I brace myself for impact. My body is being touched by a kid almost every moment of every day, and sometimes it just needs to breath and scream!

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    • Right?! Being touched too much is very much a thing (which my husband doesn’t quite understand). It gets to the point where I have to smile and say yes when my oldest daughter sweetly asks for a hug or my husband wants a hug and kiss after work – both are very legit and relatively infrequent requests.


  2. “Mommy do it.” I’ve heard this for approximately the last year and a half. Diaper changings, feeding, baths, teeth brushing, etc. I take some satisfaction in it, but sometimes I wish my husband could step in without her having a meltdown!

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    • It is SUCH a fine line between feeling loved and feeling completely overused. As if daddy can’t brush teeth just as well as mommy?! I know people say, “Oh, just force it and she’ll get used to it.” Nope! Meltdown city!! I feel like it’s not worth imparting the terror on my husband just for a few minutes of my sanity. Right??

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      • Exactly!

        Yup, my husband often says to just make her deal with it and let him rock her to sleep at night or whatever, but it’ll take ten times longer and they’ll both be miserable. And my nerves will be torn up from listening to it in the next room. Lose-lose.

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        • Oh man, same here. I feel bad enough having him deal with a tough time with her, but most of the time I have to end up going to her anyway because she’s crying and won’t settle. Definitely lose-lose. As much as I hate to coddle a child, because I don’t want her to not be able to soothe herself with other people, the mom in me says, “okay, if that’s what she wants and needs, just give it to her!” Usually baby love wins out….

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  3. Noah will happily play by himself if I am sitting there watching him, but the second I pick up a book or turn on the TV or do anything besides staring at him, he’s crawling all over me, begging for attention. Sigh, this is why I get nothing done!

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    • Ugh, that’s tough. My baby is like that, too. actually, both my girls are. I get it, really – they like playing with me. It’s nice to be wanted … most of the time. 🙂 But yes, it is awfully hard to get anything done! My girls aren’t like this to my husband, so he can always get things done – they leave him alone and don’t crawl all over his legs! I hope he understands why I’m slow at the vacuuming etc most days…

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