Best Gotta-Have-It Non-Baby Items for Mothers

There are hundreds of listicles for “What Every New Mom Needs For Baby,” and I’ve already called out some some popular items I think are totally BS.

That got me thinking about what things parents really need but just never make it onto the baby registry. These are the items every baby household really benefits from having, but you would get a strange look if you included them on your list. Let’s just say these things come from my mommy vault of experience.

Dust buster.  Oh my goodness…. We are already on our second dust buster – I’ll just put it that way. Why do you need this even if you have a perfect upright vacuum? Because approximately 2,000 Cheerios have been dropped/pulverized onto our floor in the last 3+ years … and do you want to pull out the big vacuum 5-6 times a day?

Remote car starter.  Total luxury here, I know. I’m not sure who car manufacturers think they’re marketing these gizmos to, but it 100% should be new parents. Why? Because nothing is worse that sitting with even one complaining kid (or bawling baby!) in the backseat while your car engine warms up in winter or putting said kid(s) straight into a boiling car in summer. My favorite part of the day (okay, sub-favorite) is getting my kids right into an acclimatized car and then speeding straightaway to our destination. It’s all about minimizing the crying!!!

Thermos.  Because you, dear parent, will never drink hot coffee again – unless you use a Thermos, all day every day. (Also useful for bringing coffee to playdates and errands, obviously.)

Leftover containers.  (The plastic ones.) Because nothing keeps a baby occupied longer than destroying your drawer/cabinet of storage containers. Best way to buy 15 minutes of dinner prep!

Gift bags.  For the love of God, don’t throw away the gift bag from a gift you received! You think it’s because you’ll regift it sometime? Heck, no! That bag will be your toddler’s favorite new toy! She’ll fill it with her little toys and cart them around, use it as a purse, transform it into an ersatz suitcase for her or her stuff animals … the possibilities are endless. These things are a modern cardboard box, believe me.

Dish towels.  Blankets work in a pinch, too. I never seem to get to use the towels hanging in my kitchen anymore because my daughter co-opts them daily to make dresses with them … or capes … or aprons … or sheets for her Barbies … or bedding in a push stroller.

Old cellphones and remote controls.  Why the heck are kids fascinated by so many buttons? Regardless, I think we can forgo Fisher Price’s cheap fake play phones (the buttons don’t even work, for goodness sake!) in favor of the real (broken) thing. Free and  awesome!

Do your kids (and you) love these items as much as we do? What else can you add to the list?


11 thoughts on “Best Gotta-Have-It Non-Baby Items for Mothers

    • The time in between our first dust buster dying and the purchase of its little brother was the saddest period of time for me…. LOL!

      Btw you have the most unique words of all my blogging friends! I usually get quite a kick out of coming across them in your posts. I’ve never heard the term “blighter” before…. I need to adopt some of these. 🙂

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      • My little handheld has a pretty rubbish battery life and cuts out sometimes with no warning….. always at the wrong moment! I hadn’t noticed that I use different words, maybe it’s a British thing? Or it could just be me LOL

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        • Yeah … I swear they all have crummy battery lives after maybe a month. BUT I’ll take that over no dust buster at all!

          I think it’s definitely that you’re British, but I do notice that you use slightly more colloquialisms than other British bloggers I follow. I like it, though – it expands my vocab and knowledge! 🙂


    • AHHH, laundry detergent!! Ding ding ding we have a winner!!! Can’t believe I forgot that one…..
      Wow, I should ask for those gift cards – I could do with any and all brands. I make coffee at home 99.5% of the time, but I would love to splurge once in a while. Great idea!

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  1. A remote car starter has been on my wish list for a while! We live in the south, so the cold isn’t a problem, but it’ll be miserably hot in the car by the end of this month through October. Blah.

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