Toddler Talk Tuesdays: More Jokes – et en Francais Aussi!

I’d better be careful or Toddler will replace me as the corny joke master teller around here. I’m like an old man with the (awesome) corny jokes I tell.

No wonder Toddler is picking up on it….

Toddler: “This table is made of wood. This is a strong table. Our table is so big, and it’s good to eat off of.”

Me: “You’re just full of facts!”

Toddler: “I’m a factory!”

Me: [Laughing uncontrollably with pride]

Some time later she gave us this one, which I will explain a bit after:

Husband: “I’ll be right back; I have to go to the bathroom.”

Me: [Asking for time reference only] “Are you going poop?”

Toddler: “In French it’s called “pigge.” (Pronounced like “pijj” … quite a french sound.)

Husband: [Agape.] “Uhh … okay, I didn’t know that. See you in a bit….”

French, huh? Yes…. I credit my light dabbling in French, two French story times at the library, and Beauty and Beast for this one. No, pigge is not a real world. Yet it is definitely part of her lexicon.

Pigge used to mean “pee” according to my daughter (you know how kids love to make up words). Then it morphed into meaning “poop.” Now, she’s recently revealed, the word is actually en français! French or not, it had us cracking up!

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