Did My Kid Really Eat THAT?!

Let’s face it: most parents deal with trying to get their kids to eat more – of anything. Fruit. Vegetables. Meat. Milk. Yogurt. Carbs.

Thankfully, most kids have a secret vice. (Typically it’s sugar, but let’s pretend it’s not.) They love chicken? Pack it in!! Strawberries are the fruit of the week for baby? Here – all you can eat, kiddo! Can’t get enough of those peas? Pile them in the bowl! At least they’re eating something healthy – while something else equally healthy languishes on the plate, of course.

Why does eating some things have to be so hard … yet they’ll occasionally put the weirdest foods into their mouths?

Toddler will only eat certain fruits at the moment (pears, apples, applesauce, occasionally red grapes, and pineapple – sort of, but see below), but eats pretty much any vegetable except eggplant and squash. This girl even downs spinach! Thank the Lord! Baby seems to be taking after her as well, although she’ll eat oranges and bananas with gusto. So for the moment at least, I’m not trying to hide spinach puree in her pasta, etc.

My toddler used to devour things like yogurt and fish and chicken, but now tends to really pick at those things. However, there are a few ways I can get her to eat some foods that she’ll otherwise refuse or just pick at, however weird it is. Inwardly I might barf, but hey – if it gets her to eat a little more, let’s go for it!

Sprinkles on her bagel or English muffin with peanut butter or cream cheese

I tried this once …. yuck. Let’s just say that sprinkles belong on ice cream only! But I guess it does dress up things….


Peanut butter on pineapple pieces

This sounds pretty weird and borderline gross. Nauseating, perhaps. Well, I tasted it; while it’s not vomit-inducing, I really see no reason to change sweet, perfectly ripe pineapple. What is she thinking?! But hey – this is one more fruit she’ll eat now.


Yes, I really did smear some peanut butter on each freaking piece of pineapple for her. That’s true love in case you’re wondering.

Peanut butter on herbed rice

I admit, occasionally we are really short on time during dinner prep and I have to cook a (salty!) Knorr rice packet. 99% of the time we do plain rice, couscous, or pasta. Toddler doesn’t even like the prepackaged rice! Last time we made it, she asked if she could put peanut butter on it. I sort of threw up in my mouth, then obliged her. She finished her serving! Curious, I tried it … and the garlicky-peanut butter combo was actually kind of tasty! It was sort of a generic Asian flavor. Toddler-1, Mom-0.

Ketchup on white rice

What?! I can’t even. My husband puts Parmesan cheese on his rice, and I think that’s odd, but ketchup?? Eww. (Confession: I actually borderline hate ketchup!)

Now, she’s not putting soy sauce in her applesauce or ketchup in her cereal (I don’t think I’d let her, frankly), but still – these combos make me a bit queasy. Sometimes she asks for things that we flat-out deny (such as soy sauce in applesauce). I really don’t want to ruin her taste for applesauce, frankly.

What strange foods or food combos do your kids like? I’m really curious to read it!

14 thoughts on “Did My Kid Really Eat THAT?!

  1. I think you’re doing really great. My kids were both TERRIBLE eaters between the ages of 3 and 6, so my husband and I basically gave up. When Internet people criticize and blame us, I’m like, “Yup, I’ll admit it.” So ketchup on rice? If that’s what gets them to eat, BRING IT ON!

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  2. Babystar isn’t into combos AT ALL but she loves raw onions. I find that very odd for an almost-two-year-old.
    Also, that pineapple peanut sounds legit. Toss it over a ramen noodle with some savory broth and charge the hipsters $10/bowl! You’ve got a culinary genius in the making. 😉

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  3. Hum, let’s see…my husband likes yellow mustard on his peanut butter toast. Charles likes kraft singles slices on his peanut butter toast. I don’t even bother to wipe down Elliot’s high chair tray between supper/lunch and dessert. He’ll eat anything. Yesterday, for instance, he completely ignored the avocado slices. Then ate up his pasta with bolognaise sauce. Then smooshed his raspberries in the sauce that was left on his tray, mixed them with the avocado and proceeded to stuff everything in his mouth. As for me, I really enjoy pineapple with natural almond butter. Haha!

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    • Eww, mustard and PB! And cheese and PB?! Yikes… Maybe the trend is that PB goes with anything???
      Raspberry-bolognese-avocado soup … yum!!! x-p
      Maybe I’m the weird one here … perhaps pineapple with nut butter is a good thing! I’ll tell my daughter she’s not the only one….


  4. Hahaha!Mix and match is what they do best! my daughter did jam on her eggs just last week and she thinks it’s ok. 🤣

    Btw, you can totally make sate sauce out of peanut butter. Add some chilli, soy sauce and it’ll make a darn good peanut sauce. Eat with grilled chicken and rice. Yum. Yum. 😊

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  5. My kid will eat most anything if we put tomato sauce on it. Then my husband introduced him to BBQ sauce and it was all over. Though currently, he wants to use his spoon by himself (or his hands) and will NOT allow help. Rice last night was a mistake.

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    • Oh man … I hate trying to clean up saucy food! Ick. I hear ya about a rice mess – always gets everywhere, and tiny grains, too! Our kids both love Israeli couscous, but those little balls are sticky and so hard to clean up for some reason!
      Good job by him for wanting to feed himself, though. 🙂

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      • He requested it one morning when he was told to eat his eggs, but didn’t want to. It’s not that he disliked the taste of eggs, either. The honey was sitting there, so I suppose it made sense in his mind lol

        Good luck with that 😀 I don’t like eggs, so it’d take an act of God to get me to put those in my mouth.

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