Learning to Spell: Juuuust a Few Errors …

First came writing and now comes spelling. Toddler is learning how to spell a few words, such as “hi” and the names of her family members and such. I’m not pushing it, but since she’s showing interest and asking how to spell words, I oblige her the lesson.

Often Toddler asks me how to spell words like “volcano” and “banana,” and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t soak in at all when delivered verbally – and that’s fine, because she’s just three-and-a-half, for goodness sake!

Other times she tells me how to spell words. Does she get them right? One guess. 

Once we were walking up the stairs and I about tripped when she said something like, “T-Q-R-A-E-M spells sheep.” It was so hilarious because it was so wrong yet she was trying so hard, but also because in my head all I heard was Tom Cullen from the “The Stand:”


(FYI, if you’re not familiar with the plot, the Tom Cullen character is a little slow and thinks everything is spelled like M-O-O-N. He is a lovable character and very entertaining!)

I love you to bits, Toddler, and I would never laugh at you to your face, but when you ace your home spelling bee (sarcasm) I can’t help but hear “M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen” in my head.

My little toddler, working so hard to spell and learn right and left, is a smartie pants most days (balanced out by purely toddler-like space cadet moments). Her learning journey is filled with fits and starts, but she always gets there eventually. I’m secretly really glad for imperfect moments like these … for no other reason than it’s a great source of humor to us!


5 thoughts on “Learning to Spell: Juuuust a Few Errors …

    • Love it!! She’s smart already …
      I get a kick out of my daughter trying to read as well. Half the time I correct her so she can learn, and half the time I just shake my head and laugh! Nothing as ingenious as grocery list amendments, though…

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