How I Won My Mom Card

There’s two kinds of people in the world: those with high aspirations and those with realistic boundaries for themselves.

I knew pretty early in my formative years that I would never reach elite gymnastics, much as I adored the sport. Making the Olympics? Not so much. Competing Level 5, maybe 6? Now we’re talking.

Will I win Mom of the Year award? I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian sewed that one up long ago (I’M KIDDING). But really – I know I’m not the most organized, on time (pshaw!), politically correct, patient, awake mother out there. Even this blog is a teeny tiny little thing that screams “AMATEUR,” but I’m fine with all that. I have realistic expectations of my mom life.

Because you see … I just won my mom card, and naturally Toddler thinks I can probably move mountains. (Is it all just downhill from here?) What did I do to earn it?

This. This spectacular hairdo made from the wisps of maybe 100 hair of highly varying lengths:


French braids, folks! Yes, braids in plural, because she got one of each side of her head! (Really that’s just because her hair isn’t long enough to reach one single braid in the middle.)

Moms of girls,ย you know how difficult it is to get her to sit still while you fuss with her hair….

Usually Toddler has to endure days of crooked ponytails and strange parts; it’s not my fault, it’s hers for moving and wiggling and giggling! Years of practicing braids on my immobile Cabbage Patch doll as a kid didย not prepare me for actual motherhood.

But we discovered that when her hair is wet, it’s actually, unbelievably, possible to get two French braids done – so she looks like Anna from Frozen. (Her goal,ย not mine.)

So yes, ten minutes later – Baby wandering God only knows where in the meantime – we have braids, and this amazed mama won her Mom Card. Check!

You’d think maybe …

  • cleaning up baby puke
  • cleaning up an Mount-St-Helens-esque diarrhea diaper situation
  • wiping a Toddler’s butt when they start to use the toilet
  • not puking myself in any of the above situations

… might have earned me my Mom Card, but no. Completing French braids is the most epic task I’ve completed so far as a mother. And it probably is the pinnacle – but oh, what a triumph!

Have you won your Mom Card yet?! What earned it?


29 thoughts on “How I Won My Mom Card

  1. OMG!!! I’m laughing here like a monkey!! I so remember french braiding your’s and your sister’s hair, and I wanted to put their heads in a vice so I could get it to stay still! Wow oh wow! Yep, right there, a big ol’ badge with a big gold star of multiple points gleaming on your chest.

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    • Haha, thanks – gold star accepted. I felt so awesome when it was done. Trouble is that she requests it a lot now … and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do when her hair is dry because it just slips right out.
      Yeah, too bad vices are inhumane….


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  3. Just “made” a skirt for my daughter’s doll yesterday. I think I might have won another Mom Card! I might actually get an additional sticker with “good job” or “well done” or “best effort” for it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Lol, this cracked me up! Mom Card earned for sure. I’ve actually been nervous about hair style requests since Bridgie was born. I remember my sister wanting my mom to fix her hair every morning before school. She’d get mad at mom for not doing it how she wanted it nearly every day but would always go back for more, a daily hair battle. It was funny for me watching from the sidelines. It’ll be awhile before my little has enough hair to do anything with, so I’m safe for now!

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    • Yeah, I can totally see that happening now. It’s seriously a battle! A always requests weird combos of hair ties, bows, clips, and a headband and I’m supposed to put them all in! I draw the line somewhere. I think at some point you have to have rules/limits on hairdos – and if there is fussing, that’s the end of it for the day, end of story. Kids need limits, I’ve found. Whenever we’re soft, that’s when problems creep up… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • I know the feeling! Toddler has VERY slow growing hair; she was borderline bald until about 20m. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ FINALLY I can do her hair and have it all tucked into the elastic! I hope you really enjoy the “girly” side after having two boys. It must be a bit of a shock!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will check out yours!

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