Do You Believe in Parenting Karma?

Did your mother ever say to you something like, “Oh, just wait until you have kids – they’ll drive you nuts too / keep you up at night / refuse to eat their vegetables / drag mud all over the house that you’ll have to clean up.

Basically, she was cursing something irritating that you did.

Or was she just cursing you?

Nah…. But I’d bet your kid(s) have at least one characteristic that makes you a little batty – just like it drove your mom batty when you did it. The cause? I believe in …

… parenting karma!

Well, at least I know it’s strong in my line. I was several things as a young child but mostly stubborn.

Very stubborn. I wouldn’t do much unless it was my idea – or at least what my mom made me think was my idea. My mom loves me a lot, but I’m pretty sure I was a huge pain in the butt for a lot of years. (I guess every kid is in some way, right? Tell me yes???)

And now both of my kids have inherited that streak, especially Baby. Oh boy, when you try to force her to go somewhere in the house, change activities (heaven forbid we stop playing and change a diaper), or take an unsafe item from her – she fights us andย wails! My husband is fairly stubborn as well, but I’m pretty sure Baby got her my-way-or-the-highway genes from me.

Poor me, really. Karma is coming back to bite me, right?

And then there’s the bed peeing. Toddler has been potty trained for at least nineย very successful months (thank goodness) – in the daytime only. She wears Pull-Ups at night and only very rarely pees. But put underwear on her … and she pees 6 times out of 7 (not that I’m counting exactly, but we don’t give her many chances in a row – for the sake of my laundry life).

Well,ย guess where she got that from?! Yep, me. I was a pro at peeing when I was kid – everywhere but the toilet! I recall peeing a lot at night.

I’m sorry mom. Right about now I appreciate all that laundry you did … because I’m doing it now, too.

Parenting karma? I think it’s definitely real. Do you?

13 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Parenting Karma?

  1. I can laugh now!!! How about the ‘slowness’ gene? Man, you were never ready on time for anything, ever!!! I had to drive you to school, due to stupid school rules, and I about went crazy for years! Dawdle!! You were very good at going your own pace. I don’t know if I can truly say you are stubborn, just very sure of what you want to do when you want to do it! I say that prepares you to deal with life!

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  2. Lol, yeah. It’s probably a real thing. ๐Ÿ˜› One area I feel like I’m paying is with math..i hated it with a passion as a teen and now I’m having to TEACH it to Maggie who absolutely abhors it! Haha

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  3. Hahahaaaa! I was just talking to my mom a few hours ago and telling her about one of my kids. And all she said was, “well…the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!” ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
    Though I think we did a little better with bed seeing because I can’t remember!!! ๐Ÿ˜…

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  4. I believe in it ๐Ÿ˜€ My dad constantly laughs over things the kids do since I’m getting payback. Stubborn, picky eater, opinionated…of course I don’t consider two of three of those to be bad!

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  5. Lol, I remember all the pee….fondly actually because it always made Sarah and me laugh, and you too most of the time, AND especially because we never had to do any of the associated laundry. I think Bridgie gets her clingyness and sensitivity from me. My mom said I never wanted to be alone as a little one and always clung to her. Although sometimes I’d like to be getting other things done, I don’t think I’ll ever regret all the time spent cuddling and carrying around my little love.

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    • Oh my God, I’ll never forget, “PISS! PISS! PISS! PISS!” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Yes, I agree with the cuddling. Soon enough she’ll be walking away from you and you’ll be missing the snuggles … enjoy them! โค


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