Spring Bucket List: Mid-season Check (And Giveaway Winner Announced!)

Remember when I posted about my family goals for spring? I made a mental note to check up on our progress midway through spring …

… and holy cow we’re halfway to summer, you guys! June 21 is coming at us like a roaring F/A-18. Yikes! I have just six more weeks to work through the rest of my list. But first, what can I cross off?

(Because we all know the best part of a list is crossing it off!)


We had a great Passover/Easter, and I could almost check off “Get through Passover without a screaming baby.” It went much more smoothly than last year; I didn’t have to leave the table to put her to bed while also missing 80% of it. However, she still cried quite a bit. We just took her out of her high chair and let her roam around while we finished the Seder.

Our garden is growing very slowly – yay for green beans but boo for some withering yellow squash and cucumber.

We’ve had some fun days – at the zoo, flying our kite on the lawn one windy day, and many happy days playing outside with Baby finally unafraid to walk on grass like a normal child!

My closets are in much better shape than this winter, though there is some more I’m willing to do. And I still have to actually donate the clothes I pulled out….

But what else do I want to do this spring?

I want to go on a hike very badly! At least one, actually. Once the weather cooperates a bit more and we’re not sick (yep, item #2 will not be crossed off, thanks to last week’s cold), we’ll do that! And maybe that afternoon Toddler will want to try trike riding again … now that she can properly reach the pedals.

On the personal side, the jogging can begin any time now, mama. It’s warm enough and light out after the girls go to bed. No excuses, me!! And I’ve technically restarted my non-blog writing (took a winter hiatus for other creative endeavors), but not enough to satisfy my urge to cross off.

But I still have six weeks to do all this! Allll the time in the world!

What do you have still to do this spring? What have you accomplished?

*  *  *

AAAAAAND … the winner of the Piggy Paint Giveaway is entrant #3, Valerie! (I swear Valerie, I laughed when I counted who was the 3rd valid comment – how coincidental, eh?) Thank you for entering, everyone, and again for reading my blog. Even if you didn’t win, I encourage you to try Piggy Paint if it’s up your alley (I found them first at Target, FYI).


18 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List: Mid-season Check (And Giveaway Winner Announced!)

    • Thank you! I’ve just been lazy … and tired, too, but lazy mostly, I think. Bad habits! But yes, come 7pm I am TIRED and can’t wait for the girls to go to bed – so when it’s 8pm and I have free time, I have to scrap up some energy again. Sigh…

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      • Oh blimey, I hear you. That’s why my blogging has gone on a slippery slope recently. My son has been taking ages to settle at bedtime recently and it is draining. Holiday next week though…. kind of looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time! Hope you get the energy back soon xx

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  1. Glad she is okay with the grass now. 😊 It sounds like you guys have had a great spring so far!
    We still haven’t gotten a kite this year even though Samuel has definitely asked a few times! We just haven’t been outside much anywhere except our house and the zoo (and neither is ideal for kite flying!) lol

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    • She is so funny – she WOULD NOT let me put her down in the snow during winter, and last summer she couldn’t walk yet but wouldn’t even sit in it. Now she asks to go out every day, she’s eating dirt, plopping down anywhere … such a change!
      My husband got a simple kite from Amazon, and it’s been a surprisingly good flyer.
      Yay! I sent you an email regarding the giveaway. Whoop, whoop!

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      • Aww, that’s cute that she’s so into it now! 🙂
        Oh, okay! I don’t get notifications on my phone so I have to check my email and stuff. Thanks!!

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  2. I got to check off cleaning out the closets, too! That was probably the most time consuming part of my spring cleaning. No joke, I had clothes from when Little Man was an infant to put away. (But I did find some things that are gender neutral that would fit Baby Girl now #winning.)

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    • Woohoo! Good job! That is a LOT of clothes from your son you must’ve had piling up… :-O That would’ve been me too, except some friends borrowed my girls’ NB-12m clothes, so they’re already gone! Phew.
      I hate parting with old clothing; it’s so tough. I must be either cheaper or more sentimental than I think. How about you? I did see a great post series from mommytrainingwheels about the subject last month that helped!

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      • We did give non-sentimental stuff away throughout the years, but I think more of it was considered sentimental than not. At any rate, now that there will be no more babies, it’s time for it to be put in something safe and stored away. One day the kids will be cleaning out our storage shed and wondering why the hell there are ten pairs of kiddie Converses or boxes full of scribbled on paper.

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