Toddler Talk Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Brains…

Like most toddlers, mine has a generally sound knowledge of her body. She can name the external parts and knows what the heart and lungs and brains and nerves do. We have a few excellent body books with flaps that she LOVES! The more facts, the better for her.

Sometimes she gets a bit obsessed about one part and wants to talk about it a lot. Mostly that body part just comes up in conversations and she asks many (many!) questions. Usually it’s not a big deal, especially when it’s something like a thumb or bones – which she has a firm grasp of.

When she starts talking about something she’s slightly fuzzy about, though … things get comical…. At the moment we thought she understood how the skull and brains work, but maybe not quite yet:

[As husband was getting Toddler into her carseat, he bumped her head lightly. And by the way now you’ll know her nickname!]

Husband: “Oh! I’m sorry Squisher! Is your head okay?”

Toddler: “Yeah … I’m okay. My brains didn’t come out, so I’m okay, dad.”

A few months prior to this, Toddler was playing – probably running around the house – and bumped her head rather hard on our massive wood dining table. She looked at us immediately after and tried not to cry:

Us: “Are you okay? Is your head hurt?”

Toddler: “Cedric cut my brains!”

Yes, that Cedric. (Again.)

I guess we need to review anatomy and the role of the skull!!

19 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Brains…

  1. So cute 😂! We have an awesome body book too. It’s amazing to see young kids so interested in the inner workings of the body! We haven’t made it to the brain yet. I’m laughing already thinking about the nuggets that will come out of her mouth!

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    • One we picked up at Books a Million on a whim, and the other is an Usborne book. Love ’em!
      The brain is surprisingly hard to explain, what with nerves and neurons and the brain controlling everything…. It’s bound to get a little mixed up!!! 🙂

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  2. Ha! So cute 😀 I bet she’d like one of those body parts dolls. Little Man has one, and it’s a clear body outline that you can take the brains, heart, etc. out of and examine. He stores the parts separately in a box he labeled “body parts,” which is a bit creepy.

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