Ridiculous Things To Do After The Kids Are Asleep

It’s 8pm and our house is finally quiet. No chattering, no outside voices, no crying, no overly loud singing, no water bottles clanging on the wood floor from the high chair, and no more stomping around.

Quiet and freedom. Sigh.

There are a lot of days (most days … I’ll be completely honest) when this is what I wait for since about noon onward. But what do I do once the girls are asleep and I have freedom?

What do you do when you have the night to yourself?

I … spend too much time on the internet, do yoga, get writing done, read books, read blogs, do laundry, tackle my to-do list, accidentally fall asleep on the couch (usually watching Futurama with my husband), bake something like granola or baked oatmeal for the next days’ meals, and sometimes watch TV.

But you know what I would really like to do?

(But don’t because I’m an adult now….)

I want to play!

  1. WP_20170429_19_05_41_Pro

    Our blocks: an unfulfilled destiny.

    We have a big pile of wooden blocks – and they are great fun in the daytime … if only my girls would let me stack more than ten blocks before knocking it over or taking a piece I’m using. I have dreams, people, dreams. I could build a cathedral out of these blocks! Or the Taj Mahal! Or the Empire State building! Basically … anything. One morning my girls are going to come downstairs and see something awesome like this: 51544961ed423cb321111ee060f196fb… or this:building-blocks-by-efraim-rodriguez-cobos2… and I will blow their minds while they say, “Who played with my toys last night?!”

  2. Set up all of my girls’ stuffed animals up in our living room somehow. It has to be something amazing and ridiculous at the same time. Turn the room into a circus with the animals doing trapeze? Sit them all up in a snaking line around the room like dominoes so they will tip over one another in a plush, drunken waterfall? Perch them on our couch and chairs with open books as if they’ve been reading all evening? Make a pyramid of them in the middle of the room, high school cheer squad style?
  3. Go through some of the girls’ books with flaps and actually read all those fun facts they skim over when closing the flap too fast. #nerdalert
  4. Play Toddler’s favorite Kindle game, Puzzingo, and solve the puzzles in categories she won’t play, like the outer space and cars puzzles. And maybe play some that she plays over and over, just to see how fun it really is. (Yes, I know … a 33-year-old playing a 3-year-old’s game … I know how pathetic that is, I really do.)
  5. Go to bed early. (Yeah, right….)

Now you’ve read my bizarre ideas … have any secret wishes of your own?


19 thoughts on “Ridiculous Things To Do After The Kids Are Asleep

  1. Oh kid’s toys are the best!! I was once caught in a doctor’s office playing with the kid things…specifically, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear…yikes, like I was a criminal or something! I love kids toys, simple and easy, you master things quickly, have lots to show for it. Or how about Barbies? I know I’m dating myself, but oh I did love playing with Barbies…….

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    • AHH, YES!!!!!!! How could I have forgotten to say that?! HAHAHAHA! 😀
      Although actually, my daughter is getting pretty good at staying inside the lines, so it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. However, she does have a watercolor coloring book – and it annoys me when she paints a wide swath of a single color across an entire face or upper body, etc.!

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  2. I love this post so much! Maybe you should do one of those things once a month or so and convince your kids that there is a fairy that comes to visit.
    When my husband is out of town and I’ve put Noah to bed, I usually eat ice cream and watch trashy tv (on Netflix because Italian tv, not so much). Or I sew. Basically, I love it.

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    • You know, I think I will… Let it be a mystery who did it! The struggle will be to tear myself away from the other things I have/want to do in order to do the toy talk…

      Yeah, I do the same thing when my husband is gone! Secret vice! 😀

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  3. I feel your pain about getting those towers knocked over 😀

    This isn’t bizarre, but I like playing video games when they’re in bed. The boy is always taking over my Star Wars Battlefront game or the Nintendo!

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    • It’s some sort of phase they go through when they actually ENJOY knocking over a tower someone else built!

      Totally acceptable! Sometimes my husband plays a video game because Toddler likes to watch him play, so that counts as her screen time of course. But yes, nighttime is game time!!!

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  4. You’re so creative, I like your ideas!! I am completely in love with the baby stage and wouldn’t mind if it lasted twice as long, but one of the main things I’m looking forward to are being able to play with more advanced toys besides rattles. I honestly have just as much fun now in a toy store as I did when I was a kid. In fact, that was my Mother’s Day fun excursion, ToysRUs with Bear and Birdie! Birdie got so excited in the baby doll aisle so we bought her very first baby doll.

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    • Yea for baby dolls! Baby is now obsessed with her older sister’s doll (who had nothing to do with her). I have found that Baby has playing with her sister’s toys since she was about 6mo. I think I held Toddler back in the toy department for awhile because I didn’t know what she could handle. I say go ahead and get the fun toys now! If Birdie’s ready, she’ll play with them; if she’s not, you can!!!
      And yes, toy stores are super fun now!!


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