Toddler Talk Tuesday: Princesses and Royalty

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say I don’t mind princesses – and I kind of like Sofia the First and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. But there comes a point when there are too many princesses! Toddler, like many 3yo girls, is OBSESSED with princesses. Of the loooong text file we keep of her funny sayings, I bet 40-50% of them involve princesses (the rest involve toots and body parts, naturally).

So today I bring two princessy conversations, the first from at least a year ago and the second from Saturday night at dinner (and FYI, my husband really can do that! And well!). Typical princess talk!

Toddler: “Cinderella had dreams.”

Me: “What did Cinderella dream about?”

Toddler: “Cinderella was dreaming about more princes.”

(Apparently one Prince Charming is not enough.)

Toddler: “I’m a princess! That makes you…. [points to me] … the queen!”

Me: “Wow, great! And so that makes dad the….”

Toddler: “Juggler!”

[Husband and I are laughing!]

Toddler: “He’s the court juggler! He juggles Rice Krispies .. and mittens!”

There you have it: my family in a nutshell – the queen is married to the court jester and we have a princess (just one, because she later said her little sister isΒ not a princess).

18 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Princesses and Royalty

    • Sir Juggler, haha!!!! Actually he can juggle most sized balls and variously shaped play fruits/vegetables and random toys. I didn’t literally mean he can juggle Rice Krispies! Whoops. He does place emphasis on the items being the same mass – I guess that makes sense, although I can barely juggle one item at a time, let alone 3, so what do I know?! πŸ˜€

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    • Ha! Well, Cinderella DID marry him after knowing him just only 3 hours, so chances are he had a hidden vice or two, right?!
      She is a hoot! We have such a great text file of the things she says that crack us up – and we probably only write down 50-75% of the golden nuggets. I hope Baby is the same way!


  1. Ahahahaha, that was AWESOME ! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    I love that you record all these things. I can only imagine the laughter you will all have together over this when she’s an adult and you all are sitting around sipping wine reading it.

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    • Yes, you have to write them down with Bridget starts talking!!! Yes, we will really have a good time reliving it, I think. And eventually we’ll be old and senile, so this will all be brand new to us again, hahaha!


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