Talking, Talking, Talking … High and Low

Awhile back my husband was a bit tired at the end of the day, as was I – because Toddler just plain exhausted us with her nonstop talking. The questions, the rambling, the commentary, more questions, and also a lot of singing.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m thankful she’s speaking so I can know what’s in her mind (it’s endless entertainment, too!), although we had to wait until she was two before phrases erupted.

But some days, like my husband, I have to ask, “What is wrong with her? Does she ever stop talking?!” Because some days we just can’t wait until 8pm for silence….

Last night at dinner, hilariously, Toddler and I had this exchange:

Toddler: [While rambling a bit between bites] “Scream, mommy. scream loudly!”

Me: “No, I like to keep my voice at an indoor level. In fact I don’t like to raise my voice at all, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s actually hard for me to do. I’m kind of a low talker.”

Toddler: “I’m a high talker!”

Yes dear, you are a high talker indeed! Not in the Seinfeld sense (Dan was high-pitched, if you recall the episode), but yes, you talk a lot! How did I make this child when I’m such a low talker?! (Not quite like Kramer’s girlfriend, but you get the gist.)

10 thoughts on “Talking, Talking, Talking … High and Low

  1. I’m a low talker as well. So is my husband. But we managed to have LOUD kids! People think it’s so funny that we’re both so calm and reserved and our boys are the opposite. They get it from my mom and my FIL, I suppose…😁

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    • Isn’t it amazing that they don’t copy us exactly in our way of speaking? I mean, I fully understand that every person has their own personality, but for some reason I assume kids would have a similar voice level as their parents because that’s who they hear talking most of the time. Guess the joke’s on me! 🙂

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  2. Ha! My stepmom took Baby Girl to church for the first time today and told me that she put her in the nursery since she won’t stop talking. I love hearing her build up her vocabulary, but whew.

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    • Oy! That’s tough – forced silence for toddlers is borderline impossible. I don’t go to church often as it conflicts with Baby’s morning nap, but whenever we do I have to bring a lot of distraction stuff – crayons, sticker books, etc – so she’s too absorbed to chat to me.

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  3. High and low…
    I remember taking the off ramp with my oldest son heading towards the Montessori school he was attending at the time (long, long ago…). And then, as we were driving on the street, out of the blue, he said: “Are we on the low way now, Mommy?”
    The phrase has been coined ever since in our family!

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