Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Ad Libbing at its Finest

As I’ve mentioned before, dinner at our house is rarely an orderly affair. We have a healthy meal, yes, but there is always at least one of:

  • food thrown on the floor (Baby)
  • loud singing (Toddler)
  • voice escalation (Toddler, then Baby)
  • impromptu dancing (me)
  • someone refusing to eat one item (Husband, Toddler, or Baby)
  • crying (rare nowadays, but Baby)
  • spilled water (Toddler or Baby)
  • smoke alarm going off (bacon in the oven)
  • uncontrollable laughing (me and Husband because of Toddler)

Almost every night Toddler will say something that will cause us all to laugh, and below is no exception. We were finishing up our dinner of green beans, baked breaded chicken tenderloins, and rice. It had degraded into a sing along, somehow, with Toddler leading us to modified rounds of “If You’re Happy and You Know It:”

Toddler: “If you have chicken on your plate, clap ya hands! [“your” said in a Brooklyn accent so it sounded like “ya”]

If you have a candle in front of you, clap ya hands!

If you have water in your hands, throw it in someone’s face!”

No, I have no idea where that last came from. Thankfully we’ve never had that happen!

And a bonus, just because it had us in stitches:

Toddler: “What kind of music is playing, dad?”

Husband: “Western.” (It was a movie score to something Western.)

Toddler [Pointing to the photo of Yo Yo Ma on the Pandora page on Husband’s computer screen]: “I think it’s Fred Astaire’s brother, Abraham Lincoln.”

(Please don’t judge her knowledge of history too harshly!)

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