Odd and Crazy Things My Kids Do With Their Toys

Our kids seem to do some funny things, don’t they? Sometimes they imitate us and pretend their toys are real purses or makeup or coffee cups (Toddler likes to drink “kid coffee” out of the mug that holds her watercolor water and paintbrushes).

Sometimes they just do weird things with their own toys. Imaginative, yes – but weird all the same. My toddler has a huge imagination, mixing up what’s happened in real life with books we’ve read and movies we’ve seen … and it shows sometimes in what she does with her toys.

So, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a few instances, just for a little laugh. It surely makes me laugh!



Sofia needed to get Toddler her toilet paper. And she got a soft perch as well!

This next one is Baby’s doing. The below photo was taken in her older sister’s room. Now, Toddler generally doesn’t like Baby getting into her toys or possibly disturbing her “set-ups” … but she doesn’t complain when Baby starts rummaging through the dirty laundry bin. (For the record, I bury the dirty underwear.) Therefore, Baby likes to play with clothes, both dirty and clean from Toddler’s dresser. Yikes…. The below photo includes clean underwear only which she was stacking on her arm like a purse or bracelets!



“What, you mean it’s not a purse?”

This last set of photos is perhaps my favorite. Thank you, Usborne books for this hilarious flap from your Famous Palaces book. Toddler makes a beeline for that particular flap when we go to read the book – and always has a good laugh and several follow-up questions. As always, poop is a big hit with toddlers!


My girls are pretty good at giving me a laugh! What about you – do you have any gems of your own to add to this list?


7 thoughts on “Odd and Crazy Things My Kids Do With Their Toys

  1. Now I kinda want a velvet close stool 😀

    Recently Baby Girl grabbed the empty utensil basket for the dishwasher and carried it around with some toys in it like it was a purse.

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    • Nice and soft, right?! Only for royalty, I suppose.

      That’s hilarious! A purse that only holds the best of things… Funnily enough, this morning as I was emptying the dishwasher Baby came over and put her little stuffed duck into a well of the utensil basket. Luckily I’d already emptied it of everything!

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  2. LOL! The panties as arm jewelry is my favorite, I think!!
    Elizabeth uses two plastic rings (you know, the colorful plastic stacking rings by Fisher Price?) as little buffers for her hands as she crawls across the house. Funniest thing when we find them somewhere, Elizabeth-shoulder-width apart and she’s no one around, lol. Of course, in the last few days she’s been walking almost every time instead of crawling so we may not find the rings for much longer! 😦

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    • Ahhh, that is too cute!!! Used as a buffer, lol … Gotta protect the hands – crawling is hard work! 🙂 She sounds so adorable. So excited she’s walking now, though. Who knows what new funny thing she’ll do next!


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