Holiday Wishes – From the Kids With Yawns

It’s Memorial Day here in the States. I was reminded by a veteran on Friday not to say “Happy Memorial Day,” and I suppose it makes sense not to celebrate the holiday in those terms (similarly it makes sense not to only celebrate it by buying a large appliance or new car, but I digress). Here today it’s rainy, chilly, and a bit dark – befitting the holiday, it seems.

But it is with thanks and gratitude that we remember those whom this holiday commemorates. I tried telling Toddler what the meaning of Memorial Day is, but I’m not sure she understood. Even with my analogy of the Blue Meanies attacking Pepperland, the ideas of death and war are still abstract to her.


The Blue Meanies preparing to beat the snot out of Pepperland (Yellow Submarine reference, for the uninitiated).

We’ll try again next year.

There’s one thing my kids do seem to accomplish very well on a holiday, however. It seems every day we have a day off, they’re experts at waking up during the night and rising well before they normally do.

“Wake up, mom and dad!!! There’s SO MUCH we can do today! Let’s start NOW!”

Why do our kids have a sixth sense when it comes to waking up when they shouldn’t? We should all have had a leisurely lie-in this morning, but instead I was up at 6:11 to Toddler saying through the monitor, “Mom, I have to go PEEEEE!”

(Better than a wet bed after five minutes of snoozing, I know.)

This was after Toddler woke up in the middle of the night – I don’t even know when – and Baby awoke twice at 12:30 and 1am, which is rare for her lately.

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I’ll be celebrating this holiday with extra coffee … as I did on Easter … and Christmas … and Thanksgiving ….

I hope you and yours have a pleasant, rest-filled holiday!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes – From the Kids With Yawns

  1. I feel your pain. Baby Girl woke up at 2:00 in the morning. I heard a noise and then my door handle started rattling. I was like, “OMG, we’re dead” but it was her. (She just got her “big girl bed,” so this whole getting out of bed whenever she wants will take a little getting used to.)

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    • Ugh, worst stage EVER!!! Our toddler went through that a year ago and it was so terrible. I feel so bad for you. I hope BG gets over the change quickly. We got a light up / musical owl for Toddler to sleep with and tell her to stay in bed. It says, “Go back to sleep now!” gently when its tummy is pressed, then it plays some classical music. Half cool, half creepy, but she LOVES it.

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  2. I feel for you!!!
    Whenever Bridgie is learning a new physical skill, she will usually wake up a couple mornings at 5 am to practice. Definitely not my favorite πŸ™„πŸ˜œ

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    • Ugh, what’s with that?! You’d think their brains would need the extra sleep because they’re so tired from learning and … being awake. :/ I’m usually too slow to correlate poor sleeping with a new skill – and usually I blame teething – but you’re so right on.


  3. I swear, they have a sixth sense about that stuff.
    After getting a barrage of “sale weekend” emails, I told my husband that Memorial Day sales are the most tasteless of all holiday sales. People died to you can be free, here, buy more stuff at 20% off! Ugh.

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