Toddler Talk Tuesday: Dressing for Home Depot


Reading and waiting….

Do you take your kids to the free building workshops that Home Depot puts on? They’re held the first Saturday morning of each month and are free, which is something every parent likes to hear. (It seems like quite an expense to put these on, but I’m pretty sure Home Depot is the one left laughing because we always leave the store that day with lighter wallets!)

Toddler has recently started attending these, and despite being quite a girly girl enjoys using real tools (just like daddy and mommy!) to create something all her own. And she gets a cute “Home Depot Orange” apron to wear to each workshop.

Dress up clothes involved in an activity? She’s there!!

You’d think a kid going to a home improvement store to build something and use permanent paint would want to wear work clothes. Nope, not my kid; we usually have to talk her out of wearing a nice dress. We had this conversation last month on the Friday night before the event:

Me: “Your Home Depot Kids workshop is tomorrow morning, from 9-12. I think the earlier we get there, the better.”

Toddler [very excited voice]: “I know just the outfit to wear! Birdie underwear … and jeans … and a flower shirt .. and my apron! Then I’ll be all ready to go!”

Yes, apparently the highlight of the day is still … picking out what to wear!


8 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Dressing for Home Depot

  1. ohh I heard about these when my daughter was a baby and then promptly forgot about them! I am gonna look into them now because I think at 3 years old, she’s the right age to be interested in stuff like this. Thanks for the suggestion and the outfit preparation is quite a task in our household too 🙂

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    • She was 3y4m, and she needs help obviously, but has such pride in doing the projects and is so proud – and learning how to construct things. I like it because it’s a very different activity than the usual park time, playdates, music stuff, etc.


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