What I Shouldn’t Enjoy as a Mom – But 100% Do

There’s a lot to kvetch about as a parent, isn’t there? Many blogs (umm, this one included) poke fun of or just outright complain about everything from diaper explosions to sibling rivalry.

Of course, other blogs exclusively extol their parenting bliss until the reader herself has unicorns sprouting from her eyeballs.

I actually enjoy both kinds of parenting blabber – just a joke there, as I believe parenting blogs are much more than blabber (learning from each other, providing laughs, giving inspiration, and helping fellow parents just plain get through the day).

Anyway, sometimes I trend toward talking about what I don’t enjoy and get frustrated by. But surprisingly, there are several things I get all jazzed up about – which most other parents distinctly dislike.


Hurray, hurray! It’s laundry day!

Laundry.  As a mother of two girls, is there anything cuter than a dryer basket full of pink and glittery lint? No, the answer is nothing, not even bronzed booties (because those are not at all cute, you’re right). A lot of moms decry the growing mound of laundry and live in fear of yet another load to do, but I actually look forward to their laundry day.


Their clothes are so adorable! And small! And easy to fold! I mean, my girls live in 75% hand-me-downs and borrowed clothes, so there are very few matching outfits between them, but I still really enjoy just looking at their clothes and thinking about what they can wear in the coming days.

Wow, I’m more girly – and more mom – than I thought I was!


Large and in charge (of everything mom-related)!

That Mom Bag.  You know that huge duffel bag that weighs more than my toddler when packed with everyone’s water bottles? Yep, that thing is simultaneously a pain in the ass and my pride and joy.

Dirty diaper? I got you covered!

Spill/mess? I have a wipe for that!

Boo-boo? I have a bandaid!

Rip in your clothes? There’s a mini sewing kit and a safety pin in there for you!

Runny nose? Of course I have tissues.

Thirsty? Hungry? Check, check.

Pee your pants? Don’t worry – mama has a change of clothes for you.

Poopy diaper that smells worse than a decomposing skunk? Mom has a smell-fresh sack for that!

Need to jot a note down on the go? Pen and paper is always handy.

Public toilet too big for you, Toddler? Foldable potty seat to the rescue!

Bored on the go? Mom has something to perk things up, even if it’s just crayons.

… I think I actually won a game at a baby shower once for having the most stuff in my “purse.”

Yes, it’s big, and no, I don’t need everything in it every day or even every week, but when I have something that someone needs, I feel so good. I feel like a really good mom.

Being The One They Run To.  My girls are both mommy’s girls. It’s a blessing and a curse … because they’re cresting 60lb together when I have to hold them both … but then again having both girls in my arms is kinda awesome.

I hate it when either of them hurt themselves, even if it’s just bumping their head on the kitchen table … but in a – sort of sick? I don’t know – way I like being able to comfort them in a way no one else can. They love their dad to bits, but I guess nothing is like a mom’s hug to cure all ills. Or really, just holding them whenever (in Baby’s case).

It’s kind of the only magic I can do, you now?

Maybe it’s a need to feel loved (as if Baby fussing to be held for hours each day or Toddler requesting that I read to her at night isn’t enough?) that makes me kind of like being The One. Even on a reeeeallllly looooonnnng day, I’ll gladly accept being the only one capable of wiping tears and kissing boo-boos.

So … this is my main list. Kind of short … just three items. Is there anything you enjoy as a mom which most other moms bemoan?


14 thoughts on “What I Shouldn’t Enjoy as a Mom – But 100% Do

  1. Bedtime! I love it, even at the end of a long day. I just treasure that time with them because I know pretty soon they’ll be walking into their rooms themselves saying “goodnight mom and dad!”

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  2. Sometimes I gripe about my kids preferring me for everything, but I love it when it comes time for all the cuddles!

    I also dig my diaper bag. It’s a cute purple backpack with all the pockets and stuff.

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  3. Catching up on all the posts I missed while sick. Oh man, you’re making me think about hauling out the load of pink that awaits me in the laundry room and folding it while T watches the basketball playoffs. I get so stuck in the folding and putting away phase! But I am ALL FOR a fully-equipped mom bag. It’s just tough staying in top of replenishing everything in it.

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  4. When we had our daughter, I was worried I wouldn’t know how to raise her after having two boys! Silly, wasn’t it? It turned out we have a very special relationship, even now when she is living so far away. Girls can be such a blessing for a mom!
    Now,what about Dad? Is he, like my husband at the time, already thinking about building a watchtower and getting mean dogs to protect them? 😄

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    • Aww, I believe it – a mother-daughter relationship is always special. Such a connection!
      Hmm, he hasn’t gotten there yet, but I have a feeling that’ll be more me than him – he’s more easygoing than I am by far…. I’m inclined to agree with your husband!

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