Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Blunt, As Always

My toddler is getting pretty smart. She’s slowly figuring out how the world works and what cause and effect means. Recently, she’s figured out that you can buy things using paper bills, a check, a credit card, or even via the computer (quite an abstract concept if you think about it). And she’s figuring out what the exchange of funds and goods/services does; you can’t have one without the other.

Therefore, I bring you the below short conversation. It displays both her growing intellect and skill at delivering her words bluntly. That girl can slice!


My allowance, I guess.

Toddler [handing me a small pile of play money]: “Here you go, mom. Here’s some money for you.”

Me: Oh! …. Thanks. What’s it for?”

Toddler: “I know you don’t have any money because you don’t work like daddy does, so here’s some money for doing things in the house.”

Me: “….”

Me: “… Uhh, thanks, kiddo!”

Not sure if I should be more insulted, bemused, or appreciative. (Once I got over the unintended dig that I don’t have money, I really liked that she showed I earn money for caring for the kids and keeping house. Sweet girl!)

This next quote is for laughs (swallow all beverages before reading…), just to display her bluntness some more.

Me [upon hearing a toot-like sound]: “Did you toot?”

Toddler: “Umm, no. It’s your breath.”

Wow. Ouch! For the record, I had roasted garlic hummus at lunch. But so did she!

22 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Blunt, As Always

  1. bahahah I love your kid! My daughter recently said to my husband, “I need some money! The cops are asking me for money!” I don’t know what or how this came about. And that’s very nice of her for paying you up for all your troubles as a stay at home. Remind her in 15 years when she’s making some real dough.

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  2. I love that children just don’t have a filter sometimes. As a teacher, I hear things on a daily basis that make me howl. No day is ever the same though!

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  4. Hahaha, she’s so smart! But, yeah, double ouch 😀 It’s funny how much they pick up — Baby Girl asked me to go on Amazon and get her something the other day. She knows my addiction too well ;- )

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  5. Haha 🤣😉. Loaded convos, actually! My 5-year-old keeps saying how “rich” she is (in a sing-song voice) because her piggy bank is full and heavy. She tells me that she can lend me money. Lol. Reminds me of that old clapping song from pre-feminist times (the girls’ great-grandma still sings this to them): clap hands, clap hands til daddy comes home, cause daddy has money and mommy has none.” Ah, but thank your daughter for me for realizing that you have the hardest job of all!! ❤️😘

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  6. Oh bless her heart, I can see how those comments would hurt but I think it is sweet that she recognized all the hard work you do! My daughter is very observant and is quite chatty but has yet to start making the little inadvertent toddler digs at me, but I am bracing myself for it. The other day she told me I was “so soft” and though at first it sounded nice, I think she was talking about my belly being squishy, but since it was debatable I decided to just let it slide, haha!

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    • Yeah, toddlers almost never seem to intentionally hurt a parent’s feelings, which is nice. (I’m sure the time will come!) My daughter also pokes me and tells me I’m squishy! “You have a lot of puffs in your big butt, mom.” Hmm, thanks…. And also apparently I have squishy arms. Lol!! To them, though, it’s something nice to cuddle against, so that’s ok (not my butt though).

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