Don’t Child-Proof Your House – “Fake-ize” Your House

spice cabinet

Pre-spill disorganization. I don’t even know where half my spices are placed anymore. 

For the second time in two days, Baby has spilled spices on the kitchen floor. Things like mustard powder and chili pepper flakes aren’t the best things for a baby to spill and potentially sample, am I right? (Let’s not talk about the time she unscrewed the jar of almond extract.)

Who let Baby into the spice cabinet?


Why on earth would I do that?! Well, Baby likes it, and at dinner prep time that’s the only thing she wants to do besides be held in my arms. So, given the choice between spilled spices and no dinner, I’ll take the spills.

My husband had an epiphany a few nights ago, though, for how we can let her think she has free reign in the house.We can move our spices into an upper cabinet and put “fake spices” (and our some of our innocuous items like cinnamon sticks and anise pods) down below. Baby can still play and our goodies are safely tucked away.

Forget baby-proofing. Basically what we need to do is to make a fake house at Baby’s level and keep it real three feet and above. Sound realistic?

Granted, this is coming from a mom who hates baby-proofing.

But I think it might actually be possible:

  • We could take all of our DVDs out of the TV cabinet and just put in the few kids movies we own, plus a few of our crummier movies.
  • We can hang the kiddie brooms and dustpan at a 3′ height and move ours up a few feet on the wall, out of their reach.
  • We can fill the lower drawers of our hutch with the girls’ toys, then put our things in a closet bin.
  • Our tall bookcase can hold their books on the lower two shelves and our books on the upper shelves.
  • I can put old clothes, my pajamas, socks or anything else I don’t mind being mussed and unfolded repeatedly into my lower dresser drawers and just let Baby go play.

So there you have it – a fake house from 3-feet and below, and everything for adults is safe and sound out of Baby’s reach. Reasonable?

Nahhhhh! I’m really just joking, although I do kind of like the spice cabinet idea. If we had excess upper cabinet space, I’d be quite tempted. I think I just need to accept that my spices will be meddled with for a few months longer, until Baby can learn to explore nicely.

And maybe until then I’ll screw the tops on a bit tighter….


18 thoughts on “Don’t Child-Proof Your House – “Fake-ize” Your House

  1. Oh baby proofing is difficult. I feel like we are just getting to the next stage of baby proofing because our little boy has had a growth spurt. He can reach door handles and keys now. Picture frames and knick knacks on taller tables… groan.

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  2. I remember rummaging through all the cabinets when I was little. So much more fun than actual toys 😀

    Baby-proofing was no match for Little Man. That child could take things apart or off, whatever it was, before he could walk good. He was determined to give his overly worried mom a heart attack!

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  3. Haha, good idea. Noah got into the red pepper flakes recently, which was pretty funny! No, I’m not terrible… it was funny. I only let him get into two cupboards- the one with pans/lids and the one with the cheese graters and colanders. Mostly he enjoys spreading the recycling around the kitchen and dumping open bags of chocolate chips upside down. I’ve definitely said “Why can’t you play outside where you’re less likely to ruin something?”

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  4. I actually love this idea! And yeah, I’m totally with you. I willingly and knowingly invite K to make messes in the pantry, drawers, etc. just so I can have 5 minutes to complete something. And FYI, nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

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