10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

It may be the influence of social media – where we tend to compare others’ posted highs to our everyday moments or even our lows – but sometimes we are a tad hard on ourselves.

(It’s not just me, right?)

The dishes aren’t always done promptly. We raise our voices more than we want to. We forget to praise our kids for great things they do but which we take for granted. We don’t realize the big hug we gave our kid actually was the highlight of her day. We’re too busy to brush our teeth until 3pm when they’re so fuzzy that they physically beg us to clean them?

rockingmotherhood-1Crystal at The Messy Mommy reminds us, via the #RockingMotherhood challenge, that we do better than we think. We tend to disparage our jobs every day by saying we’re “just surviving,” but while the days are long we are actually accomplishing great things.

I mean, they’re fed, clothed, (mostly) clean, andΒ alive. Big win in my book!

Thank you, Crystal, for tagging me in this challenge. I loved your list! Mine has a small bit of humor … because that’s perhaps how I keep sane day in and day out. Let me know below if you share any points on my list – and tell me how you’re rocking motherhood, too! I invite any and all interested parents to keep this ball rolling; please feel free to post your version as well.

  1. I bathed both my kids at once by myself. I had a fear of this – one of them would drown because I was tending to the other, I don’t know – but I got over. Mom points!
  2. I’m not afraid to say no to my kids. Not all the time, but they don’t always get their way.Β No way will I raise spoiled kids.
  3. I’ve managed to somehow get my toddler excited to learn words in French. We have a list (add pic) and add a word every few days or weekly. She looks at the drawing and can say the word. I love French and speak it fairly well (though it’s deteriorating by the day, I swear), so this is personally thrilling. I credit the French copy of Madeleine which my husband brought back from Montreal.


    Let’s pretend that second sketch is a mouse.

  4. I set firm limits for my kids – and stick to them. For example, there is no TV in the morning, ever. Morning time is high energy, productive time – for playing and learning. If we need a break or rest time, we can do TV in the afternoon. My kids learn the household limits – and then learn to stay within them.
  5. I make a homecooked meal every night for my kids (and breakfast and lunch, too – why not give ’em three meals a day, right?). And we eat together at the table! Big goal for me. (Okay, honest moment: we on rare occasion have to settle for chicken nuggets or frozen pizza – but they’re ALWAYS accompanied by a fresh vegetable.)
  6. My kids have never left the house naked or partially clothed.Β (It’s been close, so this is a true win.) One day Baby did accompany us to a Verizon store wearing nothing but a diaper and a muslin blanket, thanks to a mid-trip poop explosion and moldy spare clothes thanks to an unknown water spill in my mom bag. Ersatz swaddling on a 5mo is cute, right?
  7. Both my kids like ice cream and cookies. And asparagus. So it all evens out.
  8. I let my kids be kids. We’re only young once! If Toddler wants to wear a crazy mismatched outfit because her child fashion sense thinks it’s beautiful, I let her wear it. There’s plenty of time for growing up.
  9. I am teaching my kids responsibility. Slowly but surely, they’re learning chores and how to take accountability for their actions (i.e. they are disciplined) and their toys (i.e. they are cleaned up daily and taken care of or else they disappear). Hands together for creating responsible adults and reducing the chore load on the parents!!
  10. I can fix anything with a hug or cuddle. I mean, this is the ultimate sign you’re rocking mommyhood, isn’t it?


Today I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and overlook anything I’m not proud of; I’ll deal with that tomorrow. And here’s to all the other parents out there doing the hardest, never-ending job in the world!

33 thoughts on “10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

  1. You do deserve a pat on the back! I know some adults (ahem, my husband) who are terrified to bathe a single child. Two would be out of the question. And getting both littles to like asparagus is HUGE! It took nearly 55 years for my mother to learn to appreciate it, lol!

    Great list! πŸ™‚


  2. I love it! It’s true there is so much negativity in “Mom-World” and it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re doing okay. My kid did run naked in the sprinklers the other day… nothing but shoes and a smile! It was in our yard and he loved it, so I’ll call that a win. We were leaving soon and he needed a diaper change anyway. Then he got in our friends’ water table, so he still came home in only a diaper. Sometimes saying yes to stuff is fun.

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  3. Good for you!! Your list is so awesome! I need to do one of these. πŸ™‚

    My toddler ran outside today in just his underwear and a t-shirt… I was getting something from the car and he came running out like that. Oops. Haha

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  4. Love your list! My husband took Baby Girl to Home Depot in a t-shirt, a diaper, and no shoes when she was under a year old. I could’ve died when I found out, since wearing clothes in public is pretty important to me, too πŸ˜€

    I like your “No screens before lunch” rule.

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  5. Sometimes I get annoyed when my 5-year-old son offers to help me wash the dishes because he just tends to get everything more messy than clean, but I think that is how you teach responsibility right? One little step at a time. Thanks for your good post! Makes me want to make my list as well. πŸ™‚

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