Toddler Talk Tuesday: What’s in a Butt?

I don’t know if all kids do this, but my toddler pokes my butt. And hugs it. And sometimes kisses it when I’m standing in the kitchen preparing a meal. Is that weird?

Is my kid the only one obsessed with butts? (And poop. She really talks about poop a lot….) I know it’s just a phase. It’s a very entertaining phase … as long as she doesn’t talk about these things in public. So far I’ve been lucky!

Yesterday she gave me this doozie, and in true Toddler fashion she said something silly as she held back tears after tripping over her feet and plopping on top of chunky wooden puzzle pieces:

Me: “Are you okay? I think your butt landed on some doggie legs.”

Toddler: [Sniffling] “Yeah…. Now all the puffies are gone from my butt, mom. Now I can’t go poop.”

Me: [Stifling major giggles]

Toddler: “Can I poop on you, mom?”

I guess she was okay….

And a few weeks ago she told me, in the kindest toddler-esque fashion:

Toddler: “You have a lot of puffs in your big butt, mom.”

Me: “… Uhhhh ….”

Sometimes you just have no words in response to your kids.

On the plus side, I know this is actually a compliment from her because she likes puffy things – like stuffed animals. I guess that’s why babies love to snuggle against their mommy’s boobs!

*  *  *

One last thing: if you enjoy my weekly Tuesday posts about my crazy kid’s ramblings, check out the new blog Stuff My Toddler Says which is devoted to the subject. I highly enjoy reading what other wild things kids say!


25 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: What’s in a Butt?

  1. OMGoodness! Yeah, speaking from a big butt grandma, kids are brutal in their assessments of our features; long necks are called Giraffe neck, and asking Grandpa if he swallowed a basketball! There is no filter, non, and it just comes out in the (mostly) cute, unforgettable ways!! Now I have to go read that blog~Stuff My Toddler Says!!!

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  2. Lots of puffs in your butt, LOL!

    Well, Baby Girl informed her grandparents and EVERYONE else in the restaurant tonight that she had pooped in the floor earlier that day. She said it quite loudly several times. No skipping public poop talk for us, sigh.

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