An Ode to My Children’s Father – Happy Father’s Day!


Oh, you will never read this

For blogging you do hate

But I know soon is your holiday

So for you these verses I’ll create.


You bring home all our bacon,

And do all the nasty chores –

Like mowing and tarring the driveway

And killing spiders, crickets, and more.


You never complain or raise your voice

Even when all hell breaks loose.

I owe it to you that I can stay calm

When between our rascals I call truce.


You put up with most anything

From poop to spit up to Frozen

Or when Toddler points to your big mole

Saying, “Is a third nipple on all men???”


When I have had a rough day

And by 5 feel like running away

You take them for a wagon ride

And with a smile create such fun play.


Though I know I’m a good mother

And our kids love me to bits

(They just pretend to love me best)

You’re the one with whom it all fits.


This household would be nothing without you.

Our kids would wander and cry,

“Flying airplane, please daddy!

You know how best to us make fly!”


For truly, dear, you are the best!

We’re lucky (and we know it).

For if there was a Daddy Emmy,

Believe me: you would win it.



26 thoughts on “An Ode to My Children’s Father – Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Oh my darling! And now you can add poet to your list of wonder! This is so beautiful, it left me in tears and laughing, at the same time!! You did nail him to a tee, I have to say, except for the third nipple thing, didn’t know and now…..hum…..

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