Summer bucket list

Summer starts this Wednesday, June 21! Uhh … where did spring go? Did yours fly by like mine did? I feel like it was just a month ago that I posted my spring bucket list, not three months ago! This year is moving at light speed for me. Anyone else?

Well, the season passed in a haze of rain, rain, and more rain. We don’t need to build an ark yet, but it was close! Thankfully that meant it was relatively cool. But ever since last week the heat has turned on like a busy oven. Hello to summer on the East Coast!

Well, goodbye spring (and my list – accomplished except for my elusive hike, thanks to the endless rain and a strange and temporary case of shin splints) and hello summer! I have many plans for you, my sunny friend:

summer bucket list

There are a few notable things we’re planning: some day trips to several kid-friendly places near/in New Jersey – Sesame Place and the Camden Aquarium, plus two multi-day trips to Michigan (an extended family trip!) and Ontario to visit my best friend and celebrate our northern neighbor’s 150th birthday!

Then there are some baking things I want to do with my 3yo – notice how well suited they are to the heat!

You can tell I’m not a garden person. At least, I hate weeding – but it must be done, alas….

Finally, I am realizing lately how much I need new activities to keep my toddler busy. She is no longer so content to just play with her toys like her younger sister is. Thankfully, she loves learning, so we’ll be concentrating on double-digit numbers and French words (her recent obsession!).

But I also need to get out of the house. Before Baby came along, we’d be busy 4-5 mornings a week someplace. Now that Baby takes a morning nap (and afternoon nap, still, at 17m), we’re pretty housebound. That needs to change. So, my summer goal is to make at least two playdates a week with friends (this will also help take the place of school socialization over the summer). I also aim to get to library events, gymnastics open gym, and such more often, but I don’t feel like that’s summer-specific, so it didn’t make the list. But it’s a goal for me!

This list makes me excited for summer! What about you? What are your plans for the upcoming season?


25 thoughts on “Summer bucket list

  1. We must live near each other then! And we also have family in Michigan, though we have not been there for 5 years. I hope you share photos Michigan is beautiful. Enjoy!

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    • Great! Give me a shout out if I post about an area close to you. I am relatively new to the area, so I’m always looking for fun places to go with kids. We’ve done the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA, and maybe we’ll do Diggerland next summer or in fall.
      I may share some MI photos – good idea!


    • I hope my girls enjoy it!! Ooh, NH and NY are nice. NY is very pleasant in the summer, except for NYC because of the heat. Enjoy it!
      Yes! We could do so many crafts, lol. I actually need to plan a lot this summer for my oldest. You KNOW I’ll be looking at your blog for ideas! 🙂

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    • Headed to Burlington. My best friend’s family lives there. We might go to Niagara Falls and an ice winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I honestly don’t know what events to go to! I haven’t researched it. Do you have plans for the weekend? I’m sure it’s hopping!


      • Burlington is a beautiful city! Niagara-on-the-Lake is lovely as well. I highly recommend Colaneri wines if you’re going in that direction. So far, no plans. We will probably watch fireworks from the deck and have a low key barbecue.

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        • Ooh, thank you for the tip on Colaneri. I will mark that down. I was fortunate to live in Burlington for two years in high school, and my best friend’s family still lives there. I know Toronto is more of a destination, but with two kids in tow I won’t plan on a huge trip!
          Enjoy the festivities! That sounds lovely, actually. 🙂

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  2. Nice list! Little Man has three camps for the summer (well, two now since he did his science camp last week), and I’ve got the kids signed up for a Parkour (LM) and gymnastics (BG) class for one day per week. And we’ll do the library program. Other than that, I want to go somewhere with the kids once per week, whether it’s a park or aquarium, and continue working with the kids on their lessons. If I could get Baby Girl to hold a crayon and draw a few basic shapes by the end of the summer, I’ll be thrilled. (She is struggling with some of her fine motor skills.)

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    • Ooh, a Parkour class! I had no idea that existed! Very cool! I’ll be curious to hear how that goes for him. I think your schedule sounds good. I first felt like I didn’t want our summer to be overcommitted, but now that school is done (even if Toddler’s was just 2day/wk) I miss the regular commitments!
      Good luck with BG! Maybe using sidewalk chalk will help, too – going from big shapes on the driveway to small shapes on paper?

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      • Me either until I was googling activities for Baby Girl to do and came across it. I think this particular class would be better suited for six and under because of the size of the space, but I think he’ll have fun with it through the end of summer. I’ll try that, thanks for the suggestion!

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  3. I am very impressed that you are living a purpose driven life. I love the goals, big and small, the joys you have mapped out for the season and the memories you intend to make. Hurrah!

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  4. Love this! Especially teaching toddler one French word a week! I’m stealing that one!
    Also wondering if you had a chance to make it out to Ontario for a Canada Day this past weekend?

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    • I wanted to … but I caught coxsackie from my youngest!! 😦 I was SO MAD that we had to cancel! We are trying to go this weekend, though – a mad dash since it’s no longer a long weekend for my husband… 😦


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