Baby Talk: Learning From the Pros

I wonder how many readers clicked on this post and expected to read about a fancy method I’m using to teach my baby (17mo) to talk. Maybe sign language. Maybe teaching specific sounds.

(Is that even possible? I thought babies just learn how to make sounds randomly based on the frequency they hear them, hence why “mama” and “dada” are first said, then maybe “hi” or “no.”)

Well, no, I’m going to share some words Baby is saying so everyone can have a laugh at how well she’s learning from her older sister. (As I’ve said before, Toddler is a real “pro” at sharing with her sister and teaching her….)

Let’s preface this by saying Baby is talking up aΒ storm. At 14 months she could say probably 25 words, and now at nearly 17m we’ve counted to 90 – and she adds about two words a day! And she says several phrases!

Contrast this to Toddler, who had five or six words by her second birthday and didn’t start talking in phrases until two weeks later. Now she’s not content unless every waking minute is filled with her talking or singing.

I suppose Toddler’s verbal influence on her younger sister was inevitable.

So Baby’s litany of words includes staples such as:

  • hi and bye (also “bye daddy,” etc.)
  • fork and spoon (“foon”)
  • hot and cold
  • shirt, pants, etc.
  • high
  • that
  • apple and carrot
  • more (the BEST word she could use –Β so handy during mealtime!)
  • outside
  • clean
  • feet, eye, nose, hair, etc.
  • dog, frog, duck, etc.

I’d categorize the above words as essential everyday words and phrases which come out of my husband’s and my mouth (and Toddler’s) regularly.

Now let’s move onto newer words which are almost exclusively in Toddler’s domain:

  • NO!
  • stop
  • hit
  • cookie
  • poop

Yes, “poop.” Not only is that her newest word, it’s her clearest word by far. That “p” sound is so distinct that it makes “poop” sound practically like an onomatopoeia.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have taught that word to Baby until she was getting potty trained … although whenever I change her poopy diapers I probably say “poop,” don’t I? Oh, hell.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t blurt it out in public, loudly, as her personality tells me she’s likely to do.

But all of those words her older sister taught her areΒ so sisterly, aren’t they? I can hear Toddler telling her older sister to stop hitting, or “NO” to stealing to toy from her hands, and asking for a cookie.

Kids … It’s always about pooping, NO, and STOP. Sigh. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

What are some entertaining words your babies learned early?


20 thoughts on “Baby Talk: Learning From the Pros

  1. Ah hahaha, poop! Describing it as onomatopoeia is perfect. I can just hear her saying it!
    Noah’s first extremely clear word was strawberry, which is surprising because that’s a long word! We drove past a fire truck the other day and when he saw it, he said “Wee-oo” in a completely deadpan voice.


  2. I remember my daughter learnt “moon” from a sign we passed everyday! Even if she was sleepy she would be wide awake as we passed the sign shouting, “moon!!”
    My son was a very early talker and learnt “yuck!” at about 10 months!
    My godson was also a very early talker and when my friend was given a pen to sign something he chirped up, “share!” Which must have been hilarious coming from a child of 14 months! Great post. X

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  3. I’m not surprised at all that “poop” came up here πŸ˜€

    This wasn’t a baby word, but a toddler word — Little Man used “Actually…” regularly (and correctly) quite often around age two. He still does, Little Sheldon that he is. It was a hoot seeing such a tiny little dude dropping that.

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  4. Awesome list of words, lol! Pretty impressive for her age! Right now Birdie just points at everything and says “Dat!” then waits for me to tell her what it is. She even does it for noises, like when the air conditioner comes on or there’s a plane overhead. Not sure that it really counts as a word though. I love the “uh oh”. She and her cousin say the “uh” but haven’t managed to link the “oh” part yet.

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    • I really love the words, so much. Just her knowing “more” and “done” have made life 10x easier than it was with her then-mute sister.
      I’m sure Birdie will start talking those words soon because she wants to hear the words spoken. Her curiosity is so high!!! I hope you are taking videos of her early sounds….. We are forgetting to take videos of Claire talking, but we should.


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