Saturday Blog Share

I like other people’s blog share posts because they contain a real highlight of posts which are usually outside my sphere. Today I thought I’d post a list – partly because I did come across some great posts, and partly because I’m quite tired and just don’t have it in me to properly write today. Feeling lazy. But stay tuned for a typical post on Monday!

Get ready to laugh! I just started following With Love and Little Self Deprecation – check it out! This was my favorite post of the week. Enjoy reading Baby Howie!

I really enjoy reading Rosebud Quilts. This felt board is a project I think I need to do soon for my 17mo. An easy and creative craft with many possibilities!

This is another new blog for me, The Student Mummy Site, who found me first. This post, Let them climb the tree, is a fresh take on kids and screens and outside time. Well written, and amen!

This post on the love of writing is another gem from The Institution of Parenthood. She has really done a bang-up job discussing writing, blogging, and the reasons behind it – to make the writer happy. And that’s what it’s all about!

I really enjoy the Stomperdad’s questions posed to his two young boys on All In a Dad’s Work. I just love reading what kids say to our everyday and also imaginative questions. I’m still waiting for my nearly 4yo to give me non-poop answers to my questions. When she does, perhaps I’ll try this with her.


* * *  Hey, did you catch my guest post on Coach Daddy’s blog on Wednesday? Thanks for the opportunity, Eli!

20 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Share

  1. I am still figuring this all out and a little unsure about where to comment etc! Anyhow THANK YOU for featuring me on your post, i did not think anyone was reading my blog so i am happy you can relate! Also a great post for newbies like me to find other great blogs!

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    • I hear ya! I learn new things all the time. You’re very welcome. It’s a slow grind in the beginning to get momentum. Just keep posting great stuff and checking out blogs who comment on blogs you like. That’s how I got started! The ball keeps rolling…. 🙂

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  2. Love the felt board idea! Enjoyed your guest blog on house destruction as well. There’s a lot more of that going on over here, especially when my sister’s new baby arrives and there will be 3 babies under 2! Yikes!!!

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    • Yes, I am really excited to do that. I’m planning to go to Michaels soon and get a few different colors of felt so we can cut shapes and such.
      Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, it seems to just pile on, too. Sometimes a 4yo can do just as much damage as a 1yo because even though they know better, they’ll destroy something because they’re bored. I mean, what?!


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