Moms Are Their Kid’s Own Thermometers

This post was supposed to celebrate our weekend trip in Ontario to celebrate Canada Day, but we’re home instead because I contracted a coxsackie virus, specifically hand, foot, and mouth disease from Baby.


Happy Canada 150th, Canada! And happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers!

Doesn’t “hand, foot, and mouth disease” just sound frightening? Terrifying?

Yeah, it sucked a lot. Thursday was probably the second sickest / most painful day I’ve ever had, after the epic double-ended flu I had a few months into my second pregnancy (so bad I actually feared I’d lose the baby).

This coxsackie bullsh** gave me back pain so fierce I thought I was reliving the back labor from Toddler’s birth.

My throat was on fire from throat blisters (you think a sore throat is bad??).

My head throbbed no matter how much ibuprofen I downed …

… and I had to because my skin burned to 104F!

But I survived; I only felt like I was dying. Now I don’t have to imagine how Baby felt a week and a half ago when she had it. (Because, as all know, it’s impossible to know what is wrong with a baby when they complain.)

And she was mighty sick then. I knew something was up because she was complaining all morning long and crying at the drop of a hat, which is rather unusual for her. She was running a temperature by the time we came back from a park playdate (forgive my bad judgement for bringing her out – I didn’t yet realize she was sick), although I thought she was just warm from the sun.

(I felt her warmth by holding and kissing her, then used a thermometer to confirm, then set about making her feel better – and even later went to the doctor.)

We moms (and dads) know when our kids are sick because we hold them, hug them, and kiss them so much that we can tell when something’s amiss, even if we can’t put our finger on exactly what’s wrong. I kiss Baby’s temple all the time – my favorite spot on her to kiss – and in that way I’m like my own thermometer, gauging whether she’s hot or not.

Moms are magical in a lot of ways, both detecting illness and soothing it. We also make boo-boos feel all better.

So I have two pieces of advice: first, wash your hands like a surgeon if you kid ever gets coxsackie, and don’t forget to kiss your kid’s head every day to check for fever.

Stay healthy, parents!



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