Toddler Talk Tuesday: Baby Love?

Happy July 4th, my fellow Americans! Today is a glorious day to bask in the glow of red, white, and blue fireworks while remembering what our brave Patriot forefathers started way back on July 4, 1776 – the birth of the greatest nation on earth.

I’m excited to teach my girls more and more about the US as the years go by, but for now my 4yo just likes to point out every American flag she sees … which is pretty cute and observant. It’s amazing how many flag representations there are once a tiny person notices them!


Ever faithful to Old Glory

Unfortunately, I don’t have any patriotic toddler quotes at the ready. I do, however, have two recent quotes that show just how much my big girl loves babies.*

A few days ago my girls were playing in Baby’s bedroom when Baby kind of hip-checked her big sister’s “set-up” of books arranged as a house:

Toddler: “Why did my little sister knock that over?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but she’s still a baby, remember. She doesn’t have great coordination yet.”

Toddler: “She’s not a baby anymore!”

Me: “Oh no? What is she, then? A toddler?”

Toddler [deadpan voice]: “A monster.”

I cracked up! Her so-serious voice … the term “monster” … the fact that she’s more of a monster than her little sister is … it was too much!

Now, Toddler loves her two friends’ younger sisters who are (conveniently) the same age as Baby (currently in the 14-17m age range). She loves how puffy they are, and she always comments on how “cuuuute” the baby girls are. Needless to say she takes a special interest in their abilities and preferences, so I keep her in the loop about them.

Me: “We’re going to the park today to see your friends, and baby Juliette is finally able to walk now.”

Toddler [chewing her breakfast]: “Uh huh.”

Me: “Where do you think she’s going to walk to at the park?”

Toddler: “Danger.”

So true, so true….

How do your kids express baby love?


* She actually really loves her little sister, especially lately. She’s enjoying Baby’s new verbal and skill advances just as much as we are!


8 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Baby Love?

  1. I love that Danger!

    Brainiacal has gotten to where she loves young children AS LONG AS they are at least one year younger than Unpredictable. Children within a year of Unpredictable’s age = anathema. Mine loved each other when they were itty bitty (“Her cheeks are smooth!”) but they barely tolerate each other now. Hopefully they’ll love again someday!

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