Toddler Talk Tuesday: Flowers and Things


A typical bunch of wildflowers from morning outdoor playtime.

Our daily schedule doesn’t vary too much, and we always make it outside either after breakfast or lunch as long as it’s not raining. We might play on the swingset or take a wagon ride or walk across the street to the lake – maybe throw rocks in or find ducks – but the girls always come back with a clutch of wildflowers and leaves.

Those girls and their flowers … well, you can see they can even sweeten a rainy day, one way or another! Toddler and I had this exchange on Friday morning as we prepared to take a weekend vacation to Ontario:

Toddler: “It’s raining. We can’t go to Canada now.”

Me: “Yes, we can still go.”

Toddler: “Why?”

Me: “Because we have windshield wipers in our car.”

Toddler: [Laughs] “Yeah … but I don’t like the rain!”

Me: “Why not? It helps grow things.”

Toddler: “Well, that’s good … because I like bouquets.”

What girl doesn’t like a bunch of flower?! I’m teaching this girl early, I guess….


15 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Flowers and Things

  1. Thats cute 🙂 When I was a child we used to collect leaves and flowers then press them inside big, old hardback books. We used to forget about them and they would drop out when you flicked through the book months later lol

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    • Aww, yes, it is lovely! We occasionally have swans swim into our end of the lake (which is the largest lake in NJ, 25+ miles long!), but mostly it’s Canadian geese and mallards and cormorants. They’re the main attraction, plus the snail shells and rocks throwing. I really like the insta- and perma-entertainment the lake gives!!!

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  2. Well…believe it or not, I use not to like flowers. I used to think they are over-rated and ofc ourse where I came from, flowers are always too expensive and I hated the thought that they would go to the bin after a day! I change my mind now..partly because of the better prices 😉

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