Toddler Talk Tuesdays – Made of Stone


Gargoyles (Metz cathedral, for those interested) … infinitely more still than my child.

When I said I was prepared to risk Baby playing with my spices if it bought me a few minutes of double-armed dinner prep, I thought it might be Baby only that might spill. I didn’t think my nearly 4yo girl would be so uncoordinated as to be the messy one.

Well, one evening she thought it’d be a great idea to open up the garlic powder and tip it upside down. Seriously, kid?! The following (loud) conversation ensued:

Toddler: “Uh oh….”

Me: “Ahh! Stop! Stop!” [I grab the bottle.]

Toddler: [walking over the powder] “…”

Me: “Stay there! You’re stepping in it!”

Toddler: [paying no attention to what I’m saying … walking over the powder and tracking it backward]

Me: “I said stay there!! Don’t move your feet!”

Toddler: “I can’t stop moving! I’m not made of stone like a gargoyle….”

After I finished laughing, I grabbed the dust buster and got to work – first on the soles of her feet, then the spill itself….

The vacuum still emits a garlicky scent when you turn it on!

7 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays – Made of Stone

  1. It is insane how entertained kids are in the kitchen. My kiddos could care less about their toys but put them in the Kitchen and they act like it’s Christmas time! Sounds like your fun turned into a mess, but oftentimes messes make the best memories!

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  2. This is kind of random, but I remember mentioning the human anatomy doll and thought you might like this — it’s a printable for toddlers to learn anatomy. I downloaded and printed it for BG and laminated everything and attached velcro to the organs for her to place on the body. She loves it! It’s a pretty cool site, there are printables to teach about the nervous system and other fun things.

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    • Yes! I saved that doll on Amazon; my girl’s bday is in 6 weeks (holy cow…), so I want to get that for her. Thanks again. šŸ™‚
      That is a REALLY cool idea to do that velcro printable set! I don’t have a laminator, but I could figure out something. Cool site!


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