You Know You’re a Mom When YOU’RE Obsessed With Poop – Your Kid’s Poop!

I promise this will be last poop-centric post, honestly.

(Nahhh, I’m not promising anything … my 18mo is just getting to the point where she says “butt” when I ask her if she pooped … so I’m guessing there’s more fun in this vein to come!)

Let’s be serious, fellow parents: we’re always a bit obsessed about our kids’ poop, right? (Also, please tell me it’s not just me. Okay, me and my husband; he was the one who photographed Toddler’s first toilet poop. It was momentous, after all … and huge!)

Now let’s get to traveling and poop. It’s kind of a touchy subject, right? Long stints in the car or plane … unfamiliar food with less veggies and fruits than usual … less water drunk than usual. Kind of makes for a hard time of it, huh? (Har, har, har.)


Not much fun for adults, but potentially disastrous for kids. In swoops mom with tiny (read: fun) bottles of water! Veggie-fruit pouches! Carrot sticks in snack baggies! Cue the flowing superhero cape for Super Poop-Watching Mama! (Wow, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?!)

It makes me feel like a voyeur and a sicko. “Did you poop or just pee?” “Do you need to go poop?” “Drink some more water!” ” Let me check your diaper again.” “Did you go poopies, Baby?” “Who wants some applesauce?!” “Did you poop yet today?”

It’s bad enough worrying if I’ve used the bathroom, but do I have to obsess about my girls, too?

We watch over our kids’ every waking minute – sometimes from a dozen feet or a yard away, yes – to make sure they’re being good and safe. Do you feel like you watch over everything, too? From their food intake to how long they’re in the sun to how much comes out of them?

For the record, the kids were totally fine without my eagle eyes. Baby had barely any veggies on our vacation, yet things were sailing more smoothly than at home. How is that even possible?

Just goes to show you a) kids are pretty darn resilient, and b) moms could stand to stress a little bit less about their kids! (At least this one….)

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