A Day In The Life – Before Kids and After Kids


This past weekend I posted about achieving life goals before having kids, and it ties into thoughts I’ve had recently (no, pretty much over the past nearly-four years since I became a mom) about my life Before Kids (B.K.) versus After Kids (A.K.).

I know why I can’t get as much done nowadays – we all do. Everything takes so much longer! Nothing is simple. Nothing can be done without interruption.

There is no quick run to the bathroom.

There is no fast bop into a store for one item (can you imagine?!).

There is no efficient way to do anything anymore, thanks to tiny hands interrupting / making messes / grabbing / poking / etc.

I thought it’d be fun to outline a “day in the life” (perhaps in the same vein as my day in the life by the numbers post a few weeks back!) comparing B.K. to A.K. Is this true for you, parents?

Now, before I start let me preface this by saying that my life A.K. has taught me valuable skills like multitasking, patience, extreme strength (omg carrying that mom bag everywhere!), and the ability to get multiple people somewhere on time (most of the time). Life is definitely harder now, though with everything in life, I believe what doesn’t kill me (like, you know, childbirth – holy cow back labor – and seeing my kid cry in pain) makes me stronger.

So … here are some daily highlights:

A day in the life – B.K.:

  • Getting dressed and ready: 45 minutes (oh, the leisure time!)
    • Putting on clothes: 4 minutes (it’s just me!)
  • Eating lunch: 15 minutes
  • Bathroom break (solo!): 5 minutes max
  • Shopping at Target: 35 minutes
  • Grocery shopping: 45 minutes
  • Dinner prep: 20 minutes
  • House cleanup before bed: 0 minutes (I mean, was I strewing my toys books and computer about?! No.)

A day in the life – A.K.:

  • Getting dressed and ready: 15 minutes (hurry up – Baby’s crying on the monitor!)
    • Putting on clothes: 14 minutes (on Toddler) or 24 minutes (if she’s wearing tights)
  • Eating lunch: 50 minutes
  • Bathroom break: 18 minutes (glaciers have melted faster than this, kid)
  • Shopping at Target: 45 minutes (what is it about this place that slows down moms?! I guess we just have a longer list, despite being there practically every week.)
  • Grocery shopping: 1h15m (I hate this chore more than ever!)
  • Dinner prep: 35 minutes (because my kids are always underfoot and Baby whines to be held!)
  • House cleanup before bed: 10 minutes (Short, yes, but long compared to 0!)

It’s no wonder less gets done now; the only place I saved time is getting ready in the morning … yet now I spend much longer getting two kids dressed and their teeth brushed, so did I win anything in the end?

Just the chance to do the hair of my two cute little girls! So … win!

How does your day compare B.K. versus A.K.?

21 thoughts on “A Day In The Life – Before Kids and After Kids

    • Seriously. I don’t get why kids eat SO SLOWLY when they could be playing with toys instead. Do they not see their toys sitting and waiting???!
      Yeah, my baby’s favorite activity at the store is shaking/biting boxes of pasta and squishing bags of produce and fruit. Yikes.

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  1. Oh gosh I miss the extra time in bed in the mornings. You know, when you had to get ready for work and you just grabbed an extra ten more minutes because you could. Oh and the Sunday morning lie ins.

    Just. Pure. Bliss. LOL x

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    • Oh God, sleeping in on the weekends …. Heaven!! We miss that, too – every weekend…. We’re figuring that we have another decade of early Sat/Sun wakings, don’t you think? (Sorry for the depressing thought!)


  2. On the flip side, things like putting groceries or dishes away takes me much less time because I have to hurry and shove them in the fridge/pantry/cabinets while my kid isn’t looking so he won’t get the idea to ransack. Though for that same reason, the time groceries and dishes sit out has expanded considerably. 🙄 Oh well.

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  3. I miss laying in my bed practically all of Sunday’s watching netflix. And meals ugh. I slave over the stove just so they can ask for a bowl of cereal because they don’t like what I cook. But then I don’t cook and the world is going to end! 😛

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  4. Haha! This is so true! It seems like every day, my husband asks what I did that day… and I usually end up saying some sewing and I washed the dishes (which happened during naptime). This elicits an eye roll. What else did I fill my day with? Making sure my kid doesn’t kill himself falling backwards off the couch, an hour for breakfast and another hour for lunch, reading the same book 20 times, and dancing to Sunday School songs. But he doesn’t want to hear that stuff. I can’t believe we ever thought we were busy B.K.!

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    • So true! It’s hard to quantify or “justify” (as if we need to!) what we do during the day when it’s sometimes a short list – but those things all take SO LONG now. And when our husbands are home, things always go faster because we have their help … and usually (at least my kids) the kid(s) tend to be on better behavior. Sigh…. Can you imagine being a parent of 3 kids? 4?! 5?!?! I would die… The dishes alone would kill me.

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