Toddler Talk Tuesday: Please Excuse Me While I Scoop Up My Melted Heart

Longtime readers of this blog know that I try to stick in the funniest nuggets of my week into this regular Tuesday column. My toddler (nearly 4, so isn’t she a preschooler now?) has always said really hilarious things, so foraging for material has never been tough.

But today I’m going to mix things up.

In the past few days she has said two of the most heartwarming things she’s ever uttered to me. Yes, I occasionally get an “I love you, mom,” (usually in response to me telling her I love her) or an genuine hug and kiss.

But rarely does my dear child ever say things that make my heart morph into a wiggling blob of Jello and my throat constrict to a third of its diameter. 

When she said the phrases below, it made me feel like my time as a mom has been a total success. I guess it balances out when she told me today, “Mom, you look chubby” and last weekend blurted out, “Jesus Christ!” in front of my parents. (You say something one freaking time on a bad day….)

We had this exchange as we walked out of a restaurant. We were at a funeral that day, so her thoughts were a bit … heavy. Yet in true Toddler style, she kept her tone very casual:

Me [supporting her back gently as we weave our way out]: “Don’t worry, baby, I got you.”

Toddler: “Mom, will you always be with me?”

I’m not sure my exact response … something like, “I’ll be with you for a very long time.”

And the next conversation we had while she was on the toilet (where all the best conversations between us occur, apparently). Somehow we got on the subject of jobs, and she started suggesting things she could do.

Toddler: “Can I clean teeth?”

Me: “Sure, that would be a dental hygienist. Or you could fix teeth and be a dentist.”

Toddler [laughs a little]: “Dr Anna…!”

Me: “Yeah!”

Toddler: “Can I be a mom?”

Me: [Brief pause to get steady.] “Of course! I hope you do.”

Toddler: “Right now I’m a mom’s kid, though.”

Me: “Well, yes. You are.”

So I guess I’m doing a good job if she wants my job. Pretty cool. If she were filling out my annual review she’d probably give me a raise, I guess (a raise paid in marshmallows, I’m sure).

I’d love to hear what truly lovely things your kids have said to you!

11 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesday: Please Excuse Me While I Scoop Up My Melted Heart

  1. Ahhhhh, that would make me feel a bit tearful. Do you ever feel like that? My little boy got a boisterous the other day and nearly knocked my glasses off my face and it flipping hurt. He then stroked me nose gently and cuddled me. Awww I am just a pile of mush lol

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  2. Just the other day, I gave Unpredictable a goofy-eyed look, and without saying a word, she put her arms around me and gave me a hug and a kiss.

    Also, it melted my heart a few months ago when Unpredictable and my toddler niece got together and started holding hands and saying “We’re best friends!”

    When she was about your toddler’s age, Unpredictable used to have a thing for complimenting me on my nipples. Not sure what that was about!

    When Brainiacal was 3, I would say, “You’re my favorite 3-year-old,” and she would reply, “You’re my favorite mommy-year-old.” She’s been too cool to lower herself to that level for a very long time, *sniffle* but I can remember!


    • That is too cute!! Sometimes a kid just needs to hug a mommy! Pretty funny about complimenting nipples; mine likes to push my boobs (“puff” them). It was cute at first, but now I’m done with it!! Haha…
      Brainiacal may be too cool for school right now, but she’ll come around. This kind of behavior ebbs and flows, right? I remember when I was in middle school and the beginning of high school, I wouldn’t want to admit my mom was my mother. That changed by the middle of high school!


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