Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Tap Dancing and Fred Astaire (Of Course)

Remember when I said I was reticent about starting Toddler in classes? That I thought it was largely, well, useless at a young age?

Well, Toddler has been in swimming lessons since April and not only loves it but is apparently doing quite well. Wow! Let’s just say she does not take after her mom in the swimming skills department; must be daddy’s genes she inherited there.

Since she’s almost 4 – just five more weeks – she is about ready to start ballet classes … because we promised her that’s when she could start them. Based on her ballet knowledge and continued strong interest, I think now is a good time.

She also LOVES tap dancing, mostly due to her obsession with Holiday Inn and therefore Fred Astaire (who wouldn’t love him, am I right?!). When she’s not doing arabesques and pirouettes around the house, she’s talking to a “Fred Astaire” stuffed buddy about going to dance at Holiday Inn.

(You can imagine how confused she was a few weeks ago when we stayed at an actual Holiday Inn hotel! Letting her down that Fred Astaire wouldn’t be there was … sad….)

Hence all the dancing and Fred Astaire conversations we have. And here is one of the more imaginative ones:

Me: “When you start ballet classes, do you want to start tap dancing classes as well?”

Toddler: “Yes, but I don’t think I’m quite as good as Fred Astaire, you know.”

Me: “That’s okay-”

Toddler: “-and the last time he was here, he slipped in the mud and then his shoes were all muddy. We tried to clean them off, but he was upset about that.”

annex20-20astaire20fred_09Yeah … Fred Astaire can’t dance in muddy shoes, I guess. He’s much too refined for that – since he’s often in tails….

Recently she went through a phase when she talked about giant spiders (thank goodness that’s over!), and of course poor Fred got mixed up in it:

Toddler: “Linda Mason is cursed. and Fred Astaire got crushed by a giant spider.”

I can’t wait to hear what else she says about our darling Fred once she starts dance classes!



7 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Tuesdays: Tap Dancing and Fred Astaire (Of Course)

  1. Well, if this is not the most delightful blog post! I can see her dancing and talking to Fred, being spun around by him and tap dancing backwards with him!! As you know, these skills will stay with her the rest of her life, she can mentally escape when life gets stressful, by closing her eyes and dancing away with her favorite partner! Just lovely!

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