Is Summer Halfway Over or Is Fall Halfway Here?

I remember life B.K. (that’s Before Kids in supercool parent lingo) when it was hot in summer, albeit through a haze of sweat. I showered in the morning before work and again in the evening. I’ve always hated how sticky my sweaty summer skin feels.

As a mom of two, I’m lucky to shower once a day (at night), and usually I try to sneak it in every other day – except in the height of summer. Once a day is the best I can do, but I still hate that sticky feeling by the end of the day.

Is it fall yet?

I can’t wait for my favorite season to arrive. September 22, why do you feel so far away? (Right now the extra wetness I feel are my tears of sadness for autumn’s distant appearance.) The best way to pass the time is to be busy, I guess; cue the bucket list progress!!

summer 2017 bucket list

Good thing we’re only halfway through this humid hell, I suppose, because my list is definitely not all crossed out. I feel like we’ve been quite busy (we did make it to Canada around July 8, Michigan was a great trip marred only by a post-wedding hangover for the flight home, and Sesame Place was a blast!), so I’m surprised to see the uncrossed items. Guess I should check this list every once in awhile, huh?

We’ve decided to go to Six Flags in the fall, or else at the very end of September on a random weekday. And let’s hope the four kid-filled years that have passed since my last visit haven’t made me fearful of coasters, else I may be screaming my head off like Erika did recentlyAaaaand, because our Sesame Place tickets gave us a second visit free, we’ll be returning again, possibly in fall! Both our girls loved the rides and the characters, so it will be a big do-again (with packed lunches and better sunscreen, lessons learned). And we still have the Camden Aquarium to visit. That reminds me – I need to talk to Mr. Nursery to circle a day on the calendar….

Pina colada popsiclewatermelon popsicle

We have been having a fair bit of kitchen fun, mostly via popsicles – watermelon and pina colada! BIG hits! Our banana ice cream (just process frozen banana slices with a bit of coconut milk or yogurt and add whatever flavor you want) was a hit, too. Haven’t done proper ice cream yet, though – what the hell is wrong with us?! As for the jam, we ate a helluva lot of fresh raspberries, but that just didn’t leave any for jam. Not sorry!

Where have we been lacking? Well, Toddler knows just one new French word in a month; oops. Her interest has waned a bit, but I haven’t suggested any new words, either. Her counting is much where it was, although today she recognized “11.” Woo-hoo. We haven’t done more than one playdate a week, either – but at least we’ve done one. I have no excuse except for coxsackie and general tiredness…. Okay, I need to up my game for the rest of summer!

God, I hope this post isn’t too boring. It’s kind of a kick in the butt for me, sort of like an end-of-January resolution review – you know, the kind where you realize you haven’t actually been to the gym yet like you promised you would. Time to finish strong, summer. Just lay off the heat a bit, okay??

How is your summer going? What were your hits and misses? What’s still to come?

8 thoughts on “Is Summer Halfway Over or Is Fall Halfway Here?

  1. I intended to keep up with my sampler quilt and make clothes and deep clean the house and paint my bookshelf and… I feel like I have been spending a lot of time watching tv. It’s about 1000 degrees in my house (only exaggerating a little) and the AC is expensive and barely makes a dent. I do really love summer, but I’m looking forward to the cooler weather of fall.


    • The to-do list is just so long, right?! AT least there are 6 more weeks to do it all in… 🙂
      The heat!! Oh boy, I agree! Our AC units do work pretty well, but we don’t run them much – except in the girls’ rooms, where it goes about 80 if we don’t. I’m sure they wouldn’t die, but still….

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      • Our ACs are okay, not perfect, but they are only in the kitchen, the living room, and the guest bedroom. We have these roll-down metal shades that we put down in the afternoon and they help, but not that much. Noah has a ceiling fan and an oscillating fan going in his room at all times. I hope it cools down next week, I’m melting!

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  2. Not a boring post at all — I’m sure many of us can relate. And please let these humid days come to an end soon!!!

    We have a week and a half until LM starts school. We’ve done a lot this summer, but it still feels like there’s so much left to do. Oh well…this has been the most productive, fun-filled summer yet, so that’s something! Little Man wants to record that Seven Years Old song and grow bacteria in petri dishes before school starts back, so that’s what we’re doing this coming week. And I’ll get another trip to Chuck E. Cheese in for Baby Girl before she goes back to preschool in September.

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