When It Comes to Nakedness, My Kids Have No Shame

I know, I know – my kids are perfectly normal, and probably just like yours. We can all share stories of our kids being naked and running around someplace – hopefully not too public – and garnering chuckles of amusement. Let’s just hope the kid is around three or four years old, not eight or nine.

I mean, they grow out of this public parade sometime, right?

Actually, my kids keep their clothes on quite well. I guess they follow mom and dad’s example of always being clothed in the presence of others. (But there was that one time, with the police officer, and the robot … just kidding!!!)

But what gets me is how comfortable young children are with being naked and how natural it is for them to take their clothes off. They must feel so free. They must feel completely uninhibited. Or maybe they’re just really warm – who knows?

Walking man

They know no shame at their age, and that is such a beautiful concept. My girls don’t worry about cellulite – hell, it’s cute on Baby’s squishy butt! They don’t need to fuss about floppy triceps or chubby knees. And they certainly don’t need to compare their wee rounded tummies with a neighbor’s six-pack. God bless their innocence and freedom.

I hope they can stay this way for many, many years.

I laugh at and cherish when:

  • Toddler strips in a hurry at bathtime, then runs into the bathroom with arms and legs akimbo, shouting: “I’m all reaaaaady!
  • Toddler pees with the door open (hmm, maybe because I do when it’s just us girls at home…), and poops with it open, too – loudly declaring, “POOP TOO!”
  • My girls see no issue with showing any part of themselves at the water park when they change into their swimsuits. What changing room?
  • Baby curls into a little ball when I remove her diaper before her bath; she is the cutest little naked baby ball, even if her teeny red bumhole is staring at me like an active volcano (strange metaphor? Maybe this mom is just deathly scared of a surprise poop!)

My friends have shared many a story of their kids stripping naked in the middle of their own birthday party – just to charge through the house seemingly for the shock and fun of it. Or of their daughter who just can’t bother to wear pajamas for bed and removes them every single night after lights out. Or the little baby boy who decided to remove not just his pants but his diaper as well at an extended family function. Why not, right?

I’m not sure what motivates kids to put on their birthday suit, but I think it’s funny at a young age. I really appreciate – am jealous of? – their shameless naked acts. Keep it coming, kiddos … while you can still get away with it!

I’m always up for a good laugh – any entertaining naked baby stories out there?!

17 thoughts on “When It Comes to Nakedness, My Kids Have No Shame

  1. Well, so confession time…my Mom had a devil of a time keeping me dressed after a bath, as I recall. She finally had to sit me down and explain that I had an older brother who did not need to see his sister naked at ten years of age!!! Yah, so guilty, but I too felt so free, so unconstrained. and unbound. I also had no shame, even at that age. Funny how that changes as we grow, we feel so guilty for not having a perfect body, for having flab in most places that should be sculpted. And now we end up judging ourselves with everyone else in your age group (I’m am getting pretty old….) What a waste of a mind, I could be designing something fantastic, but no, I sit in judgment of myself.

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    • Haha! That’s a cute story. Freedom is truly the best feeling. Not caring what other people think is the hardest thing to achieve but probably the most freeing thing in the world. I agree that we waste so much time worrying about what people think of our own body. But with so many judging people in the world … it sure is a hard thing to avoid!!


  2. About feeling inhibited and free, I’m actually envious! After I broke my arm I had to wear a sling for six weeks. Because it was painful, I didn’t bother to put on a bra during that period (am I actually saying this on the net? 🙄). No one would have known, as the sling was thick and hid everything. (I am quite modest about what I wear)… Wow. No bra. What a feeling of freedom. So, yes, I envy all the little kiddies who don’t care a bean if they wear underwear or not!

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  3. I’m pretty sure I spend half of my day asking Baby Girl, “Where are your pants/panties?!”

    Little Man is 9 and has little modesty around his family. Whenever he’s changing, he tends to get distracted and wonders around the house naked and has to be reminded to go back.

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  4. My girls, amazingly, have no nekkid stories, as they’d say in the south. When we were kids, the neighbors across the street ran out of their bath and toward our house because their mom said they could play with us later. Now that’s a loyal friend!

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    • HAHA! I love it when kids take directions literally. You’re lucky that your girls stayed clothed when they needed to. I tend to think it’s mostly the boys who tend to get into the most trouble in this department, but I’m probably biased here….!


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