Who Knew My Kid Was in Goodfellas?

Have you seen the movie “Goodfellas?” It’s that classic 1990 crime movie about real-life mafia member Henry Hill. It’s a film right up there with “The Godfather” (okay, a step below it), and there are some really memorable characters.

One of them is this guy whom the narrator calls “Jimmy Two Times.” Check out the short video clip of the film below to see how he earned that moniker:

Funny guy, huh? I guess he’d be helpful to have around if you’re hard of hearing or otherwise generally distracted.

You know what though? Puff sounds just like ‘ole Jimmy Two Times, minus that Brooklyn accent. She has a couple of phrases that she loves to say in twos – and it is actually incredibly adorable because it’s in her tiny and happy baby voice!!

The first is “Happy day, happy day!” which she says throughout the day, to be honest, and always with a smile.

The second is “Buckle seat! Buckle seat!” which she says whenever I put her in her car seat or high chair. Honestly, I was about to take off the buckle of her high chair until she started this new buckle latching obsession. Child – what?!

But you know what, baby Puff? It is so freaking cute I will do anything you want if you say it on double repeat in your hug-inducing teeny baby voice.

You’re the cutest, Puffy Two Times!

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