Toddler Talk Tuesday: Don’t All Schools Give Prizes?

So, not to brag or anything (I’m totally going to), but my husband is super smart. As in, whatever he doesn’t already know off the top of his head he can figure out with a few spare minutes and brief instructions (or the internet).

I mean, the guy taught himself how to sail a boat. From a book! He’s good at it, too.

He’s also good at book smarts, and he’s constantly working on it. For the last four years he’s been taking classes – pretty much nonstop throughout the year – en route to a PhD in engineering. He jokes (although it’s completely true) that he’s racing Squish to see if she’ll graduate from kindergarten before he graduates with a PhD.

Last Friday was the last day of a particularly hard class; it was actually the only time I’ve seen him struggle during this long process. I’ve given him as much encouragement and soothing over the last few months as I can – and that he can stand, I’ll be honest – and so the last class was kind of a celebration for both of us.

Squish woke up early that morning, so for once she was able to say goodbye to her daddy before he left the house for work. And we all had this conversation:

Me: “It’s daddy’s last day of school today. Can you say good luck to him?”

Squish: “Good luck, daddy. Are you going to get a prize like I did when my school was finished?”

Husband: “No, Squisher, I don’t think so.”

Squish: “Why not?”

Husband: “Well, you don’t get prizes so much when you finish school as you get older.”

Me: “Sometimes you get a diploma if you finish a lot of classes, like the diploma you got from preschool.” (Under my breath: “Which was BS…”)

Squish: [Pauses] “Will you get bubbles too?”

Husband: [Laughs.] “We’ll see, Squisher.”

Spoiler alert: he did not get any bubbles. I’m pretty sad about that, too, because Squish’s bubble wand from her teacher makes the best bubbles we’ve tried yet!

Bubble wand

Bust out the fun … it’s bubble time!!!!

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